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  • Kalykala - Perfect Convertible Seat!

    I bought this seat after realizing that we would need a second carseat for my husband and I to take and pickup our son from daycare. I didn't want to buy a second infant seat since he will probably outgrow the one he has before one year. I started looking at convertible seats. I wanted it to fit better in my Rav4 than the infant seat did, so I didn't want anything too big and bulky. And at the top of my list I was looking for one that was highly rated, which led me to Britax carseats. After comparing all the varieties, I settled on the Roundabout due to its lower price point. It was a great choice. My son is much happier in this seat than he ever was in the infant seat. My husband can put the passenger seat in my Rav4 all the way back without touching the carseat at all. It was easy to install (less than 30 minutes, including reading the directions). My only wish is that it reclined slightly more than it does. I wouldn't use this for a newborn just based on the fact that it doesn't recline very far. My son at 15 lbs sits comfortably, but I think much smaller and he would struggle to keep his head upright. But even with that, I love this carseat!

  • Munir A Razzaq - Super Cleanser

    4 pills 3 times a day, for 10 days.

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