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  • Brian E. Scherrer - Required reading...

    ...for those who regard liberty as anything more than a campaign-trail abstraction. Those of us over a certain age grew up fearing the threat of communism. As it turned out, it wasn't much of a threat. The real threat, the one we all missed, was the one right under our noses, as our public servants on all levels--from those sworn to protect and defend to those we elected to govern, morphed into our corporatist/fascist masters. As never-ending "wars" like the war on drugs became an ongoing excuse to eviscerate the Constitution and Bill of Rights turn "Peace Officers" into a standing army of occupation.

    Balko meticulously documents this evolution from an historical perspective, bringing together his years of tracking police excesses and increasing militarization, with history lessons in how the modern police force as we know it came to be.

    The true spirit of liberty, the true spirit of these United States, may not yet be lost to us and to history, but it's clearly on life support, and the Priest waits in the hallway... Our first, best hope to turn back the tide will always be education, and "Rise of the Warrior Cop" is an excellent place to start.

    But then, if you're not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about, right? And oh yes, Think of the Children!

  • - Best thing around for cold sores

    I have to agree with the other praise provided so far about Abreva. Unfortunately, I've NEVER been able to "catch it in time" to have it disappear, but I can definitely attest to it's shortening of time spent suffering through them. I too was a, less than thrilled w/ the results, Zovirax user. This far beats out Zovirax for ease of pain and other symptoms, as well as the much mentioned shortening of outbreak time. That said, price really isn't a factor, this is the only product out there that can boast these effects and there is usually a coupon in the package to save you a few bucks the next time around. Also, their website, also usually has printable coupons.


  • Pen Name - My favorite pregnancy book!

    I've read several books about pregnancy/childbirth and this book is by far my favorite. I love that the author's information is presented in a numbers-oriented way. She doesn't try to make recommendations as to what an expectant mother should do with her own pregnancy, she just presents the % risks/benefits involved with specific prenatal behaviors, dietary restrictions, etc and lets the reader make her own decision. This book is perfect for any science-minded woman who is pregnant or trying to conceive, and wants to know the real data from the studies that are out there. Great book!

  • Theseus "theseus" - Biiiiiiiiig Book Which Allows Multiple Ways to Prepare

    Here is Kaplan's state-of-the-art tome. It has what you need: test strategies, practice tests, practice quizzes, detailed explanations, resources online, and a lot of "what to expect."

    I cannot imagine anyone working their way through this whole book. I mean, really.

    What I appreciate about the Kaplan approach is not merely the amount of content here, but that Kaplan gives you different ways to prepare so that you're ready for your test. After about 20 minutes of cruising through this material, I was able to mount a program that worked for me.

    Some random things that I appreciated:
    - lots of helpful diagrams
    - synopsis boxes
    - really helpful color study sheets that have the basics in one place (for example, formulas you once worked with but have now semi-forgotten)