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  • K. Montgomery - Seamless Blend of SciFi and Paranormal RomanceSascha Duncan is a member of a race known for their emotional detachment, cold precision and deadly sharp minds. Only Sascha isn't like other Psy. She feels powerful emotion and she grows worried she may soon not be able to repress the building surge. A business meeting with changeling Lucas Hunter, the alpha of the DarkRiver leopards, lures her even closer to the edge of certain discovery. As she is assigned as the Psy contact for the ensuing project Lucas's company takes on, she soon begins to fear grave repercussions from her people.

    Lucas feels something different about Sascha--she's not like other Psy. It doesn't take long for the dominant male to begin asserting his blatant interest in her in traditionally pack ways. Could her mysterious differences be the key his and a rival pack's have been looking for? A serial killer has targeted changeling women, and the packs believe the killer to be Psy. As a Psy with connections amongst her race, Sascha will become the only saving grace in a race against time to stop two opposing groups on the brink of war. Her and Lucas's efforts will bring them to some shocking realizations as well as some heated and sensually stimulating encounters.

    The first impression of this romance was that it combined an awesome feel of not only paranormal elements, but sci-fi as well. Lucas's pack dynamics will ring somewhat similar to other paranormal romances, while having their own unique qualities at the same time, most notably their love for one another and family dynamics. The chilling addition of the Psy brings to mind a more futuristic sense with their sparse and utilitarian lifestyles. There are some very interesting twists to the plot that makes good use of the pacing throughout the book, making for a very hard to put down read. Sascha is a heroine readers may sympathize with in her plight to become fully herself, while Lucas is so wonderfully sexy in his concern for her welfare. Look for the sequel, Visions of Heat (March 6, 2007) about Psy member Faith NightStar and changeling Vaugn D'Angelo
  • jb9217a - I really want to give this 4.5 starsI really want to give this 4.5 stars12pm today 1/20/2012. I was super excited but honestly really nervous from all the hate this tablet has been getting on xda. Regardless i decided to take a risk and get this, since I had been eyeing the original transformer since its launch last year.

    1) Form factor: This thing is SEXY, and I wanted the champagne but I have no complaints baout the gray. It is light and thin but very comfortable to hold and very solid feeling.

    2) Display: Man this thing has a great, vibrant bright display. my unit had really minor light bleed, barely noticeable and only in the boot screen.

    3) Performance/Graphics. Comes preloaded with Glowball and Riptide GP demo, I definately showed it off to my partner who was very impressed. I played around with Android 3.2.1 for 2 hours just so I could experience the difference bewteen ICS and HC. Then I upgraded to this thing got smooth, it was already mostly smooth before but the browser was a night and day difference and the keyboard with swype is nice.

    Only have one right now and its Asus'big problem with the TFP..Wi-fi and GPS. I don't care about the GPS but I was really sad to see that my unit didn't even find a satelite let alone lock onto one and Wi-fi was on... :(. I could live with that really, even though it is advertised on the box (deducted 1/2 star)

    What really ruined my day was when I went downstairs with my TFP. I was super happy with it when I was laying on my bed upstairs which is maybe 8ft from the router. As soon as I went into my dining room and walked into my kitchen (20ft from router), the signalwentfrom 4/4 bars to 2/4. I HAVE A BRAND NEW ROUTER that is top of the line...the good news is that when I went to the basement (30ft) it stayed at 2/4 bars. I could still stream HQ videos at this signal strength but my iPhone and my partner's Atrix both register full wi-fi signals. (-1/2 star)

    At this point my enthusiasm is more tamed, I am already loving this device but the Wi-fi may be a dealbreaker. Perhaps I have a defective unit...regardless I plan on taking this to my university and testing how well it mages the wifi there and will go around town to various starbucks to test too. If it turns out to manage well I plan on keeping this device and upgrading to the TF700T in 6 mos, if not I will RMA/exchange and try one more before I give up and try a different device. the problem is there really is no device on par with this on specs as of now... Asus really has something here

    UPDATE 1/21: I ended up downloading the app on my TFP , my iPhone 4, my laptop and my friend`s Atrix. My TFP outperformed my iPhone and Atrix at all three locations in the house sometimes by a was comparable to my laptop, but a little worse. This morning I tried the test from the first comment below and got similar results, even in the basement at its farthest from the router the signal showed as excellent. I will test this out at my university and other places and if this stays consistent i willdefinitely keep this so far I am happy!

    Oh and GPS randomly started to work as well... still not too good but it catches 6 to 8 satellites and looks on 5 to 6with WiFi on,i found when WiFi is off i get the same amount in sight but it doesn't luck on it locked onto 4 satellites twice but only for a few seconds.

    In response to the second comment I find my TFP to be really fast and smooth like my iphone 4 but I have noticed a glitch once and in certain apps it gets laggy....overall im happy with it since I am not the biggest fan of Apples tactics either

    UPDATE 2:The Asus Mycloud app is amazing i can access my laptop remotely while on my tab which means access to all my files and to Microsoft Word! It also works very smooth without any hiccups. Also the webstorage app is cool i out music on it and can access it on my pad...this thing keeps getting better.

    UPDATE: Just got my keyboard dock today and I love my Prime it is perfect besides the GPS which functions but barely..I LOVE the keyboard dock :) I've tested WiFi ins several areas and it works perfectly :)
  • GodsAmiga - I love this stroller!!!I will say right from the start that I have only had this stroller for about a week. If anything changes I will come back and change my review. :-)

    I LOVE this stroller! It is exactly what I was looking for. :-)

    First off, it is a very smooth ride. I was using the Chicco snap 'n' go stroller before this and while I liked it it definitely had more trouble with bumps and things. This one is smooth enough to not have to be careful over bumps and my baby doesn't notice them. The wheels are plastic which I don't mind but I know some people prefer the air tires.

    Secondly, it is VERY easy to steer! It turns on a dime. I can turn and maneuver it one-handed with my other hand full of groceries and I don't even have to force it to turn with my arm or anything. So easy to do! Now granted my baby is only 3 months old but my 3 year old wanted to ride in it when it first arrived so I pushed her around the apartment and it was just as easy to turn. This is huge for me. The snap 'n' go was able to be steered one-handed as well and I really wanted that with a bigger stroller to make getting through doors and aisles easier. :-)

    Another great feature is the canopy. It's huge! Great protection and you can adjust it to be 3 different sizes.

    The mesh window in the canopy is big enough that I can look through and see my baby easily without having to crane my head over or stop the stroller. The mesh window in the back of the stroller is awesome! Huge and so nice for the hot humid days here. But I love that you can have it covered as well. The pocket is also nice. I can get a lot in there and to me that makes up for the basket being so small. The fabric that covers the mesh window that has the pocket zips and velcros into place pretty easily and it stays in place and doesn't come off.

    The handlebar is soft and it's a great height. It's tall enough for my 6 ft husband to be comfortable but short enough for myself (5' 2") to be comfortable as well.

    Folding up the stroller is easy and quick and it folds to be compact enough to fit easily in the tiny trunk of my early 90s Honda Odyssey. I love how it folds in half!

    It's compact but so roomy! My 5 year old sat in this after we got it assembled and she had plenty of room. :-)

    Assembly was a breeze. Just snap on the wheels and snap on the canopy and you're good to go!

    I haven't had any trouble with unbuckling my kids from the harness but not sure if that's just luck of the draw or something that might pop up later on...

    Some cons:

    Small basket. Really not much room. I just adjusted the handle of my diaper bag to fit over the handlebar so for me it has plenty of room. But I know a bigger diaper bag would have trouble fitting in it because my smaller diaper bag takes up the entire basket and can be hard to pull out.

    It's kind of awkward to unfold since it folds up differently. But this may just be because I haven't done it enough to have figured out the best way of doing it.

    The handle to pull on to fold the stroller up with is in the middle of the seat they sit on. My kids don't seem to find this uncomfortable but something to perhaps be aware of.

    When the seat isn't reclined the fabric with the pocket in it sometimes gets scrunched up an you have to adjust it if you want to have access to the pocket.

    The seat does not sit fully up. This isn't a problem for me and I know from reading other reviews that you can rig something up if need be but again it is something to be aware of.

    There is a hard bar thing up the back of the seat. My kids have not noticed this and don't seem to feel it and I actually just noticed it yesterday when I felt the seat from the back-not from the front. My kids find the seat to be very comfortable but I don't know if other kids might be more sensitive about it or not.

    All in all this is an awesome stroller! For us it is perfect and the cons for me aren't really cons at all. But I did want to include them since for some they may be important. :-) Oh! As others have stated it doesn't come with any accessories. My water thermos clips onto it easily so I don't need any of them except I'll be buying the part that can zip over the legs for the cold winters here. :-) Anyways, this is definitely worth the buy! I wish I had had this stroller with my two older kids!!

    Update! 8/21/2013

    My family and I just got back from traveling back to the U.S. to visit my family. We brought along this stroller and everyone loved it! :-) Flying there we were able to get onto a non-stop flight but on the way back we couldn't get on one so we had to go a round-about way. I used this stroller in the Sea-Tac airport, LAX, and at Narita (one of Tokyo's airports) along with pushing it through part of downtown Tokyo and storing it underneath two different buses. It was a dream having this!!!! At one point we had two luggage carts stacked with luggage and car seats and I was pushing one with one hand along with the stroller with my other hand which had my 5 month old in it but I didn't have any trouble with steering it. :-) In Tokyo we were hurrying trying to find the overnight bus and it was very crowded. I had my 5 month old in the stroller, my 3 year old and 5 year old holding onto either side of the stroller, a child-size carry-on roller suitcase on top of the sunshade, stuffed animals and bags of snacks, etc all stuffed into the basket below with extra clothes and toys and water bottles stuck in the zippered pocket...I was pushing this one-handed while dragging another wheeled piece of luggage behind me and I had no problem! At one point we crossed a street and as we neared the other side I saw that there was a bump of curb about 2 inches high. Since the stroller was pretty loaded down I was steeling myself, ready to have to pick up thrown luggage while trying to get the stroller up the curb and make sure my kids got out of the street safely all at once. I was pleasantly surprised when the stroller smoothly went over it with ease. :-) When going through customs they didn't think my stroller would fit through the narrow aisle that others went through but it made it no problem. There were several other tight spots that my past strollers would have had trouble with (one would have made my old strollers fall into a street off the curb) and this stroller had no problems with any of them. Folding it up to stow in the buses or take onto the shuttle buses was simple-quick and painless. I was able to open and close it one-handed while holding my squirmy baby. :-) We were even made to go up an escalator with it instead of being able to use the elevator (with no time to close it up and hold it and the baby so up we went with the stroller open and the baby buckled into it) and didn't have any problems. :-) Our entire trip back home took a little over 44 hours with 3 little ones and I can honestly say that this stroller truly did make it way less stressful!! :-)
  • Emma Steed "ruminator" - Acutely observedMany moments are so acutely observed, and Oliver Cromwell's passage through court and country so rapid, you feel as though you are reading a dream. One highly vivid scene segues, sometimes surprisingly, into a different location, a different set of characters. Perhaps this was intentional; our flitting mortality amplified.