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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 48917 Lansing, Michigan

  • countrybelle - Great Product

    I recently needed to upgrade my desk top computer from XP Pro to W7, and I needed CD / DVD burning software. The computer expert who upgraded my computer recommended this product, especially since I have the Roxio software on my W7 laptop. The software installed without any problems on my desk top, and it is very easy to use. I highly recommend this software.

  • Steven D. Powell - AMAZING!!!

    I've been suffering from lower back pain for the past two years. I've tried prescription anti-inflammatories, yoga, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments, all with disappointing results. So I decided to give this book a try. The Gokhale Method has changed my life. I know this sounds crazy, but my back pain was essentially gone within the first week of implementing the strategies in the book. I also learned why many of the stretching and strengthening exercises I had been doing in the past had actually made my back pain worse. So if you are suffering from back pain, do yourself a favor and buy this book. It may be one of the best investments you will ever make.

  • SMB Enterprise - ACE it with GRUBER!!!

    One of great things about this book is that although it is more than 700 pages, and there's lots of material, you can choose a 4 hour or longer range study program. You can also just look at various sections and take just one or two of the practices tests which is what I did. I loved the 20 question ACT test which gave me a great idea of what I really need to study, what strategies I need to learn, etc. There are complete strategies some of which I never knew you could use. I was weak in some math areas so I used both the mini-math refresher and bigger math refresher. There is also a good grammar review section and the practice tests are just like the real ACT--and what's great is that there are complete explanations to the questions and also questions are keyed to important strategies and basic skills. This is really a great resource and tool for the ACT.
    By the way I completely disagree with the reviewers below and I was glad that the author made comments addressing their reviews. I had taken the ACT before and have a book of "real" ACTs and the strategies and all the other material in Dr. Gruber's ACT book are perfectly matched for the actual ACT questions. In fact some of the questions on the actual ACT look almost identical to those in Dr. Gruber's book--and the same strategies and basic material in Gruber's ACT book can be used for all of the actual ACT questions.

  • BikingGuy - Criticisms overblown; product works fine

    I was using Quicken 2010, so my online services were about to sunset and I had to upgrade. After reading all of the negative reviews online, I was concerned about two issues: (1) problems with installation, and (2) problems with the mobile app. Because I have limited time over the next few months, I decided not to install the mobile app, so I cannot comment on how that works. However, my installation of Quicken 2013 worked flawlessly. The entire installation process took only a few minutes and the online patches loaded quickly.

    I have been using the new Quick for about one month, and so far I think it is perfectly fine and every bit as good as my old Quicken 2010. My main use of the product is getting online updates of all of my accounts, and that feature works better than the feature did in the prior version. I have not noticed any decline in the functionality of any of the main features I use.

    The bottom line is that I think the product is pretty decent and that the criticisms are overblown. I am certainly not saying that some people have not had problems (seems clear they have from the reviews), but my own experience was that everything works perfectly fine.