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  • "hdapk dot net" - Great deal! I only paid 70% as much as the binder full of men!Outstanding binder, grapeshot contents. I ordered three of them; one of them felt subjugated, yet honored; one of them worked diligently in a windowless office in frumpy dresses; but the last one just kept menstruating all over the place. Order several, in case you get one that has to leave early every Friday to pick up its kids from soccer practice or puts too much nutmeg in the apple pies.
  • Steven H. Propp - THE ORIGINAL BOOK ESPOUSING THIS HIGH-FAT, LOW-CARBOHYDRATE DIETRobert Coleman Atkins (1930-2003; he died as a result of head trauma from a fall on ice---although he DID have cardiac arrest in 2002) was an American physician and cardiologist. A line of products bearing his name is available, although the company filed for bankruptcy in 2005, and was bought and continued by another company. He revised this 1972 book as Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution.

    He begins by saying, "I've treated ten thousand patients for overweight... They have all lost weight without counting calories, without diet pills, and most without feeling a pang of hunger... this diet ISN'T 'balanced.' It is deliberately UNBALANCED. The reason---to counteract the metabolic imbalance that causes people to get fat in the first place... In this diet we first cut out carbohydrates ALTOGETHER, then keep them cut way down permanently... This is a no-hunger diet... I don't believe that losing weight is a simple matter of counting calories and of just operating the body on a calorie deficit." (Pg. 2-3)

    He contends, "We're the victim of 'carbohydrate poisoning.'... What causes that? Mainly, sugar... virtually a sugar addiction... The no-hunger RX for overweight: cut carbohydrates, not calories... Removing carbohydrates from the diet is the most permanently effective treatment for overweight... because when you take away carbohydrates you take away hunger." (Pg. 5-6)

    He argues, "Unlearn what you've heard about ketones first. When a person is putting out ketones in the breath or urine he is said to be 'in ketosis.' Now for a carbohydrate-intolerant Mr. Fat to be in ketosis deliberately is a signal for rejoicing. It is a sign that unwanted fat is being burned up as fuel." (Pg. 12) He admits that "with ketosis you have bad breath." (Pg. 274)

    More controversially, he states, "You can eat without limit solid 'fattening' food. On this diet you're allowed to eat truly luxurious foods without limit---for example, lobster with butter sauce, steak with Bearnaise sauce, and... rich-tasting cheeseburgers, or even better, BACON cheeseburgers... As long as you don't take in carbohydrates, you can eat any amount of this 'fattening' food and it won't put a single ounce of fat on you." (Pg. 15) He later adds, "just 'eating less' and calorie counting is a trap. It keeps you fat... I'm not the first doctor to dispute the calorie theory by any means." (Pg. 83)
  • Amanda Sledz "Word Herder" - the Hutzler takes the Hustler out of banana eating!Until I stumbled upon this one-of-a-kind kitchen gemstone, I had been simply peeling a banana and eating it. i don't really like bananas, but a lot of the times I feel lonely, and for some reason when I eat bananas in the park men seem to materialize out of nowhere during the peeling process. By the time the banana is half exposed they're seated and comfortable and focusing all attention on my mouth, particularly during the first bite. Inevitably someone will say something totally friendly like, "Do you like that?" while doing this thing with his eyebrows, and I'll respond sort of, but it's a little chalky. Still, you've got to make do with what you have! A friend of mine who claimed to be "concerned" (bless her heart!) and got this for me at a rare kitchen good party. Now, life is totally different. I sit down on a park bench, strip the banana naked, and arrange it on a napkin. Right before I remove the slicer from the cozy I crotched and slice it, someone inevitably asks, "What are you doing?" and then afterwards, "Are you okay?" Sometimes, someone will even hand me a pamphlet! This makes me certain people care about me. THANK YOU HUTZLER!
  • T. Abramson - Excellent protection !Can't go wrong with straight forward complete protection like this. Would never buy any of the "other" products I used over the years that had to be spoon fed virus and malware info and constantly took over and shut down my system. Have used Kaspersky for four years now with no problems. The 2013 version is even easier to use. EXCELLENT !
  • Mark 3 "boomtown" - A Gamer's PerspectiveWow I don't even know where to begin. Just looking at the tons of the EMO reviews on this game here from people who had MMORPG expectations, many who have not actually played the game or the countless that just hit a wall as they entered Inferno and just vented their deaths here, I thought I would take a stab at a non-emotionally induced review.

    Played both Diablo 1 and 2 (w/expansion) previously but did not really get into the online play mainly due to only having dial-up internet (rural) resulting in me playing single player to level up and having no interest in doing it again just to play online. For D3, I have 2 level 60 characters, Monk and Demon Hunter, that are in act 2 and act 3 of Inferno respectively (and can comfortably play through the elite enemy packs there).

    I don't know how relevant this is, but I played WoW to level 60 but never really played any of the expansions (felt a lack of story and item rewards didn't keep the drive going). My gaming experience includes RPGs, MMORGs, 1st/3rd person shooters, 1st/3rd person adventure games, strategy games (both turn-based and real-time) on both computer and console and online and offline. I do play mobile games, but that's probably not relevant.

    That being said, games are like movies. They are entertainment and not everyone will like everything so feel free to disagree after experiencing it. This is just my opinion.

    -Commonly commented issues with the game-
    Launch day:
    Yeah they botched this up a bit. They knew how many they pre-sold and how many they shipped but couldn't get a proper testing environment to stress test it before the game went live? I know during the open beta they had a scaled down test and this should opening day load have been addressed. That being said... it was for all of a day (maybe 2). Yeah it was annoying but honestly if I had paid for a monthly service (like WoW) I would have been furious, but since it was a fixed $60 and assuming the game stays on for 5 years, 2 days not used out of 1,826 days I can deal with.

    Offline play:
    This was a great idea to NOT have off-line game play. It was so infuriating for me playing through D2 (Diablo 2) and D2x (Diablo 2 with expansion) to discover I couldn't use my character to play online with my friends when I went to college (high-speed internet). You mean I can play single player all I want and join my friends at will and continue leveling up/progressing without having to restart!? Yes please. Do I wish I could do this off-line and avoid rubber-banding (random movement due to lag)? Sure, but then do I want to interact with a ton of people who have hacked their characters offline and bring them online? No.

    Yeah its hard. There is a big change to the style of game play when you hit lvl 60. You get a bonus for not changing your skills, which means you try to go with a skill build that is probably not ideal for all situations. And to top this off, throughout the game up until lvl 60, you are leveling both your character and your items. If a situation got too tough you always had the option of grinding out easier enemies until you are leveled above what you are fighting or you can grind gear / go buy items at the AH (Auction House). In Inferno, the only path is through items. These items themselves have levels (to level 63) and are sometimes vastly different in just a few levels in what they can provide (e.g., 600 damage to 900 damage for level 60 and 63 bows, respectively). I think there were issues previously to how the higher level items didn't drop but given this is "end-game," this difficulty is constantly evolving. I have cursed out certain sets of monsters and then a week later laid waste to them after grinding/AH. Also, people who claim to have played a number of characters to level 60 but have not played through a few acts of inferno have no idea how difficult it really is or what it takes to progress. Granted this style of play is not for everyone. Knowing myself, I will likely start playing a bit less and less as this type of end-game is not my thing (same reason I stopped playing WoW). Even excluding the time I spent in Inferno, I got many more hours of game play than I did playing many other games recently (Reckoning, Xenoblade, Assassins Creed (brotherhood and revelations). Definitely worth the 60 bucks (4 movie tickets).

    RMAH (Real Money Auction House):
    I saw a few posts on this, but I am not sure how this ruined the game. For all the people that hit a wall in Inferno and didn't want to spend time/have jobs on grinding gear/gold, this provides an avenue. I don't see how this really affects you as this is really a single player game but with a co-op option. It doesn't really affect you if someone else spends hundreds of dollars in cash to buy gear in the grand scheme of things (at least in my view). In an optimistic situation, these "twinked" characters could join your public game and help carry you across. And while this does seem similar to the hacked character comment i made before, they aren't altering your game play by introducing non found/crafted items into the economy. The supply of good or hard-to-find items is the same.

    Maybe it does reduce some of the supply to the regular auction house (driving up price), but there is nothing stopping you from trying to play the RMAH like you play the regular one. The cash converts into gold so its the equivalent of selling your goods in Euros instead of Dollars, and the end of the day you can always convert it back. You just have to take into consideration the Blizz fees and which is more profitable. Either way, I feel like the Auction houses are a fun meta game for D3. Full disclaimer, I have not used any real cash on the game, but I did sell something for 5 dollars ($55 more to go:).

    I thought it was fun and enjoyed the progression and cinematics. Did I think it was one of the most engrossing stories? No, but was satisfying the first time I beat normal. Act 4 seemed very abbreviated and felt like just one long final big boss battle for Act 1,2,3. The story is not important for the other difficulties since well, you are technically just replaying the game on a harder difficulty...

    I have to admit for most games, I never replay a game on a harder difficulty (I can't even think of one except for maybe Civilization). However this game is completely designed around it with very good progression of difficulty through level 60 from Day 1. This means 3 levels of difficulty (normal, nightmare and hell) for many hours of game play. I feel like it's approximately 50/60 hours for just one character. The whole time I felt the game would allow me to progress naturally without additional grinding for either experience or items. Inferno is a whole other beast and needed work when it first came out (1.03 made huge improvements to the progression but still a ways to go) . That being said, Inferno was supposed to help the longevity and keep people around who cared about the "end-game", which I feel for a large number of multi gamers (who like many games like me), it won't hold their attention for too long given the steep difficulty curve in inferno. That being said, have I put an additional 80 or so hours after level 60 into the game? maybe....

    The game is fun for a very fast paced RPG (action RPG). Very enticing multi-level difficulty game play that is all about the loot! I have gotten many hours of game play of out it and think it is highly worth the $60 that I have put into it. Please, ignore all of the EMO on the Amazon reviews/comments. Everyone of them that actually played the game, have played for many hours (likely, enjoying it) despite everything else they have complained about. I think that alone speaks volumes for the amount of unmentioned fun in this game.

    I assume I have made many a mistake in both grammar and spelling (only quickly reviewed this). Please don't hate...