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  • francoiseb - a MUST READ for young adults especiallyPowerful clear guidelines and tools to avoid being" trapped" into the vicious hands of BAITERS, of unscrupulous persons. It not only raise awareness but gives you tips to deflate them or keep them at bay. a book to be read by all who CHOOSE to grow and take responsibility for their own actions. highly recommended. A true joy to read!
  • Bryan Dietz "Bryan Dietz" - Excellent!!!!I'm not going to write a long review. I been looking to buy a tablet for a few months and decided to wait for this one. I got mine ASUS Prime 64GB Champagne tablet about 2 months ago. All I have to say is that its a excellent Tablet. Very solid peace of hardware. I really love it. I also purchased a 64GB microsd card for it. Now my tablet has around 120 GB storage. Really could't find any tablet out there with better specifications, and when connected to the key board.... Man... No words. I have used the tablet and keyboard combination for my business for around 30 days to test it out and it worked great!!! No complaints. I really recommend this tablet. ASUS did a really good job on this tablet. I will give this one to my wife and will definitely buy the ASUS TF700 when it comes out.
  • Mrs. Humphrey - Answer to our prayersWe have had an ongoing problem with our thirteen year old daughter with extreme perspiration of her under arm area, hands and feet. This has been frustrating and embarrising. We have tried everything - even rubbing lime juice on her under arms each night to help her PH balance. I came across the Sweat Block products while on Amazon and figured, what the heck, we will give it a try. We have only had the product for one week and already are amazingly pleased. We used it the first night and she was totally dry all the next day. With her being very fearful of the sweat coming through, she wanted to do a dose the next night "just in case". So we did a second night. She has been sweat free for a week, even after showering and shaving. I hate to rate something only a week in, but I have to say, that it has been the best week are teen has had in a long time!!
  • The Bookster - This Is The Real Deal!I saw the commercial for this program a few years ago on TV and laughed when it came on. I thought it was just another one of those infomercials that advertised something unattainable and absolutely ridiculous. Who could possibly get ripped by working out in their living room for an hour a day? Well, let's fast forward 3 years later to 2011 and I certainly wasn't laughing anymore. During my college years I managed to pack on 50 pounds of extra weight that needed to come off. So, I went on a diet and started working out at the local gym. Well, that whole gym thing didn't last long. Between gas prices and the membership cost, I just wasn't feeling it. While venting to one of my friends, he suggested that I do P90x. Needless to say he received an eyebrow raise from me. Fast forward another 2 weeks later when I was struggling through the first DVD of this workout. Continue hitting the fast forward button to now; I have completed my first 90 days of P90x and I could not be happier with my results. Right now as it stands, I'm down 60 pounds which is less than I weighed as a freshman and I've toned up considerably. This is the best I've looked in my short life.

    The best part of this entire workout is that I can do it in a very small space with only a few pieces of equipment. I cleaned out a small portion of my office and set up my laptop for each of the workouts. The only things that I actually had to buy aside from the DVD set itself were adjustable weights, a pull up bar (can be substituted with bands) and a mat for the ab workout. Other than that, you're good to go.

    Some people find Tony to be annoying, but I really like him a lot. He keeps you motivated and keeps the workouts fun. That being said, these workouts are not easy in the least. You will struggle if you're not in shape, but just do your best and you will improve. There are also modified moves for those who have trouble with the standard exercises. The results speak for themselves, though. Give it a few weeks and you will be feeling and looking much different than when you started. I purchased my copy of P90x here on Amazon for $70 used and it's paid for itself 10 times over. You really can't go wrong with this program.