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  • Robert Mitchell "Rob Mitchell" - Faster Than A NASCAR! NASCAR!I was looking forward to this game when I got it. And for good reason! It is a lot of fun to play. Graphics are off the charts! Cars are so cool to drive and there are so many different tracks! Gameplay is really smooth and accurate. The game modes are challenging and offer great replay ability. Every race is different and offers new challenges. Online play is real fun too! Racing against others online makes for a crazy but patient driving challenge! As others will take you out if you are not careful. So watch out! And keep your eyes on that rear view mirror! It is off the hook for real though! Love playing online mode! Don't get it twisted! Playing against the computer A.I. cars is no Sunday drive either! (Even on "Easy" difficulty level). This will definitely tone your skills when you do hit the online races! So practice against the computer first! They also have other racing modes such as "Endurance", Team Mode, and See If You've Got What It Takes Mode! All of them are great! Official race rules apply on all tracks! So if you run into someone or cut corners on the track. You will be penalized time and may loose positions! Overall, I would recommend this game to any real racing fan! I used to like GT because of all the different cars you could drive. But F-1 2012 makes driving so much more fun and way faster than Gran Turismo! I would definitely give F-1 the edge right now! Sorry GT!
  • Kimberly L. Spears - Great productUsing this product on an Asus slate tablet. With only a 64gb SSD loaded with a full suite of windows products (and on Win7 Pro), the system starts up and runs fast. I did not notice any reduction of the performance of my tablet when I installed the Complete package. Great product!!
  • Review Monster - Live the the life you deserveYou really have to pay attention to the positive review that have criticism of this device. It works like a charm...if you don't over fill it. Couple that with the fact that like all blenders there needs to be enough liquid in it to get the job done and you are home free. I can't say that it replaces my juicer though, I actually do like not having such a thick shake, l like the purity of the juice, but as a supplement for those days when I have no interest in juicting...magnificent. Only thing I wish they would have added s a second giant cup.
  • Katie - Very versitale product and grows with your baby :)We love this product! My son has been using this play mat since he was 3 months old and is still using it and he is almost 9 months old. He loved the piano that he could kick and hear the sounds as well as looking into the mirror and smiling at himself. Now he sits up at the piano and loves hitting the keys, plus he likes to try and stand with the over head bar. I would recommend this product because for the price you can use it a lot longer than a regular play mat.
  • Debra F. Monroe "Debra" - Another perfect novelAlice McDermott is one of the best two or three living writers writing in English. The sense of of place is, as usual, seductive. She can make a few decades ago seem like a foreign country, yet recognizably ours too. The sense of life's sweep, its regeneration by way of death and new birth (almost inseparable in this novel) are explored majestically: the uncertain myopia of a child's perspective; the unavoidable urge to mate as we become adults; the everpresent dying; the way the young must move on from the old in order to survive; one's own aging and looming death (and the myopia that returns with that). All the reviews about "an ordinary person" as protagonist, "an unheard person," are overdone. The protagonist is ordinary. But she grows into articulate self-knowledge in a transcendent way.