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  • John Paquette - Best fitness value for those who are committed.

    I never get tired of P90X. I've completed the program probably three times in the last 5 years. I know that doesn't sound good, but I've started P90X many times. It's just that I've often had a vacation, or a sickness which ended up interrupting the 13-week program. So I just start over if I lose a week or two (or, if I get sluggish, a month).

    You *will* occasionally miss days while doing P90X. Missing one day a week is not a real problem, just pick up from where you left off (don't skip a workout; instead, push back your completion date). Make a point of never missing two days in a row, and try really hard never to miss more than one day a week.

    People often complain that the P90X workouts are long. They actually aren't as long as you'd think, because *they include warm-up and stretching and cool-down*. It's not as if you are going full bore for 60 minutes every day. The warm-up and cool-down are what make P90X such a great program for older people. I'm 49, going on 50, and I'm SO GLAD that the workouts contain all the necessary warm-up and stretching. I will be totally ripped when I turn 50, and I'll keep doing P90X or P90X2.

    You DO want a pull-up bar. You DO want dumbbells. You do want anti-fatigue flooring (those 2-ft by 2-ft interlocking floor mats) or carpeting. You want push-up stands too, and a strong, light chair, and a yoga mat.

    P90X is inspiring, educational, and cheap compared to individualized personal trainers. If you are willing to work hard, then this program is for you.

  • Juan Pablo Malosetti - Excellent

    It is my first Kindle. It is great because you can use it as a tablet aswell. Highly recommend this product.