BOMAid - Botswana Medical Aid Society - BOMAid - Botswana Medical Aid Society

Country: Africa, BW, Botswana

City: Gaborone, South East District

  • aahurl - Beautiful Picture

    The picture is beautiful: crisp and clean. The sound is very good as well. I would definitely recommend this television.
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  • Amy C. Desilva "Village NP" - Must have!

    I recently returned from a week in Guatemala. We had a very basic health clinic set up. This book was invaluable for may things- rehydration solution, drug doses, all in an easy to use format. Although I'm an NP, this basic guide was a blessing for village medicine.

  • Ann I Lynch - ....and it's on sale!

    What a terrific product! I take it to the store and measure the bananas I buy with it, in that way I can be certain they will fit and will not be too short or too long. As another reviewer mentioned, you want the banana to be bent the proper way as well. Shopping carefully for the banana will eliminate non-fit problems. I do get some odd stares from other shoppers as I'm doing this, but that is only because they are not acquainted with this outstanding device.
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