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  • Ethan E. Harris "Ethan E. Harris" - Very smooth and easy to navigateThe Good:

    I am taking a linguistics class and we've been using Audacity to manage our audio. But the audio I have is a clip from the 1950s, done on reel to reel, copied to audio cassette and then converted to MP3. Audacity couldn't deal with the clicks and it couldn't flatten out the highs. I was able to fix the audio in Roxio in about ten minutes. I was then able to save it in WAV so that my work wouldn't be lost in MP3. Very nice!

    The better: The ability to convert audio is very simple. I use Audials quite a bit, but Roxio is just as easy and less expensive. Roxio allows me to work with data files, audio, video, photo and it allows me to make audiobooks and directly output it to iTunes. It allows me to digitize analog (LP and cassette).

    The graphic windows are beautiful. It's easy to find what you need instead of hunting and pecking like in Nero. Video is for video and I don't use a different process for every different task.

    The Bad:

    But for ALL that stuff it does, it does not support Blu-Ray. In order to play Blu-Ray, a person must BUY the plugin from Roxio for $20! Are you kidding? After being promised the world of audio and video manipulation, you want me to buy the plugin? There's something just not right about that. The write-up on the plugin says that Roxio Pro includes Blu-Ray, but I couldn't get it to play without the plugin.

    Overall, Roxio did what it promised and more. It consolidated a few of my programs into one. But playing Blu-Ray will cost you extra.
  • - What a refreshing read.I'm currently three fourths of the way thru this delightful book and I'm so glad to know I have three more books to look forward to and one on the way! This book is such a treat - I'm so tired of the books full of sex, drugs and violence. This book puts your spirit at peace - it's very uplifting.
  • Tammy Wolfe - Relief, finally!!!As a long time sufferer on the yeast infection/BV rollercoaster, which started to really go completely out of control at the onset of menopause 9 years ago, I am ecstatic to have finally found a solution! My quest has spanned almost 15 years and has been a plethora of things from metrogel to vitamin supplements to hydrogne peroxide and everything in between. I began noticing an improvement around day 5, and after two weeks, VIOLA! Gone! No funny smell! No discharge! Nothing! I am about 6 weeks into it and couldn't be happier. Yes, some may feel that it is expensive. Personally, I think that I am worth a daily investment of less than a buck. I have also noticed that is has helped ease some of my vaginal dryness as well which is just an added benefit!
  • K. Dieng "kdieng" - Fascinating story, horror about what the news sis not coverThis book tells the story of the Zeitoun family (Kathy, her husband Abdulrahman and their kids) , and their experience of Katrina in New Orleans. Kathy takes the kids to safety outside the city before Katrina hits, and Abdulrahman (nicknamed Zeitoun by everyone who knows him) remains in the city to ride out the storm, staying to protect his home and his business. Zeitoun, an immigrant from Syria who has spent years building a successful business in life in the US, makes it through the storm, and then spends the next few days helping neighbors and their abandoned pets survive, either by rescuing them or feeding them. And then... he runs into city police and "imported" security forces (National Guard and police from neighboring states, there to "help" city residents). Who, unbeknownst to me, rounded up many of those remained behind, charging them with "looting" simply because the didn't evacuate. Zeitoun, like many other residents, were then placed in a temporary jail, and then a permanent jail, and basically refused all basic American legal rights (i.e. a phone call, access to a lawyer, hearings, gathering of evidence and more). This book is essentially about how the US is unprepared for "unprepared scenarios." How we, post 9-11, are so scared of ANY threat (instability, Muslims, etc.) that we are willing to sacrifice the basic foundational tenets this country has been built upon (i.e. human rights, protection from torture, the right to human dignity, an access to the country's legal system).

    Apparently those in New Orleans knew/know about what happened in the city after Katrina, the human rights abuses that ran rampant. I *thought* I knew a good amount. But this book really brought to my attention how little I really DO know about what happened. And it's quite terrifying. And incredibly sad.

    GREAT book, the author tells a good story, which on its own highlights a lot of political truths. I'd recommend the book for people who simply want to read a good basic story. Or for people who wan to know more about what happened in New Orleans during and post-Katrina. Or for people who have a wider interest in the future of the US and civil rights.