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  • Bill Macy - Easy to use for a noviceI wanted to get a rough idea of a kitchen remodel I was looking to do. This software was very intuitive, and allowed me to get much more than a rough idea of what the new layout might look like. The most difficult part of using this software (IMO) had nothing to do with the software. The most difficult thing for me was taking accurate measurements of the space. Once I had those, the rest was pretty easy. Not only did I come up with several floorplan options, but could render each of the options in 3D. The contractor I spoke with about the remodel wanted to charge me $2000 for design work. Granted it probably would have been more exacting, but because I did all of the leg work with the design with this software, they only charged me $150 to enter it into their CAD program. Very good piece of software for a complete design novice.
  • David L. Smith - The One Minute CureThis is a book everyone that likes living in good health needs to read. This could be the difference in Life and Death for you. If you are tired of the poor treatment you are receiving from your doctors then read this book. It seems that all our doctors know to do is have you placed on another medication of some kind. The side effects of the medicines we receive (for our Health) is enough to kill you many times Get to know what H2O2 can do for you. As usual when I heard about "The One Minute Cure" I went to amazon and read some reviews and bought my book. If you enjoy good health, you need to read this book. This is made up of the elements God gave us for healing.

    David Smith
  • doug finney - Fits into my healthier eating plan wonderfully.The Nutri Bullet performs exactly as advertized. I am particularly impressed with the speed of processing: several minutes choosing composition, fifteen seconds processing!
    It has introduced me to several new sources of nutrition that I hitherto had not tried.
    I've been a vegetarian for forty years yet this device adds a new dimension to my diet and, quite frankly, it's JUST PLAIN FUN to operate. I am currently using it almost every day.
  • Carol C. "ccjello" - Loved the story and all the pictures!Okay -- disclosure -- I had some help from my nine-year-old on this review. She is a huge fan of Kate DiCamillo and has read the Tale of Desperaux about a hundred times. Her take:
    This book is about when a little squirrel gets sucked up by a vacuum and gets superpowers, and with his partner Flora, the have the Illuminated Adventures of Flora and Ulysses. I loved the story and the pictures! Kate DiCamillo always makes the perfect cuddle up and read books. Ulysses was so cute and the two were just perfect for each other. I can't wait to read the next book she has to offer! I really loved the part where he was swinging from that woman's hair. I would read it again any day!
  • JLLouis - Excellent C# Book.While I would not recommend this as a first-time programming book, this book is definitely great for those who have prior programming experience and want to learn C#.

    Screenshots of Visual Studio and programs running are very helpful, but I wish that diagrams were used more often to explain data structures such as different types of arrays and enumerators. For fundamental understanding through visualization I recommend Illustrated C# 2012; that will make a very good companion to this as it more thoroughly explains the concepts behind the underlying mechanics of C#.

    The feature of this book that I appreciate the most is the exercises at the end of each chapter, it ensures that you understand the concepts just taught by testing your abilities to solve the problem presented by using the techniques demonstrated in that chapter.

    Overall, this is a very good book for those who are not brand new to programming and would like to learn visual C#: it's straight to the point, clear examples, thorough explanation, and provides excercises to validate your understanding of the concepts.

    Give it a try.