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  • tabby - The Number 7

    This book kept me turning page after page with the interesting story plot and the amusing & sharp witted dialogue / narration of Willow Chance and her counselor Dell Duke.

    The story is of Willow Chance, a recent adopted orphan, (complicated isn't it) - she is an orphan who was adopted but her adopted parents died in a car accident. She is a genius in her own ways - obsessed and in love with the number 7 as she was born on the 7th day of the 7th month amongst other things, and was fixated with her plants.

    Follow her in her journey as she continues her life without her parents and subsequently getting another set of guardians.

    Recommended for young readers age 7 and up. =)

  • brandy - Happy with it

    I have only been on this for 1 week at very minimum dose of 1 pill an hour before a meal and lost 2 pounds without doing anything else! I am disabled and cannot exercise so this was great for me to find! My appetite is curbed and I am now amping the dose to 2 pills before eating!
    Update: roughly 3 weeks into it and now 5 pounds lighter with zero exercise.. I forgot to take it one day and realized that I didn't eat the entire plate that was in front of me :) I will be reordering my next supply shortly :)

  • Julie - Warm feet at night

    Cold feet in winter -- the worst! But the hubby doesn't like a foot warmer in the bed (although his feet get bitterly cold), so I didn't feel I could get an under-the-sheet, full-width warmer. This pad works well. I turn it on before I start to get ready for bed and it gets warm very quickly. I use it on the lowest setting possible and it warms my feet but doesn't progress to burn or even uncomfortably hot. I like the automatic off feature, just in case I should fall asleep and not turn it off. However, if I need it to be constantly "on" for another use, then it's easy to change to that feature. Well worth the price for warm tootsies and easier sleep.