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  • Philip Harris - Microsoft got this rightAs is consistent with other software releases from Microsoft for 2012 (Sql Server, etc.) this product is a winner and well worth the price of admission. It's light years ahead of VS 2010 and includes tools like LightSwitch and Blend that address the huge range of interfaces a developer has to deal with in day to day problem solving.

    Since I develop applications more as a hobby than a profession my employer didn't provide this tool. I had to purchase it with my own resources and I have to say it has been a long time since I felt like I got my money's worth for a software tool. If you work on database applications, web sites or bits and byte level program code you'll love this release of Visual Studio.
  • Dude - DmzThis products works! I started getting huge strength gains week one. Took 2 pills a day through whole cycle. Gained 18 lbs. kept 12 l s after pct.
  • K. Williams "moonbeam" - Great productThis product has not been put down since I got it for a young lady, the only time that it is away from her is when she is in school and when she is asleep. I bought a charger for it, but the young lady uses it so much that the batteries that are in it get used faster than what the charger can keep up with. This young lady is always on it.