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  • Al Kamieniecki "Rodger Young" - It's Grrrrreat!

    No I am not Tony the Tiger. But it is great. I will make this short and sweet. My wife bought me the original Kindle, then we bought our daughter one, then my wife got one, so we are three Kindle family. It's great. Period end of story.

    I am not going to compare the Kindle with the Sony e-book reader or the newer Kindle or the big fat Kindle etc. You can't convince me there is much wrong with the 1st generation Kindle and unless there is a quantum leap in technology this baby is going to be part of my most useful Gizmo list for a long time. Some people complain it is too expensive. Well, go to the library and take the books out for free, that is still a valid option, I still do it. If you want a cutting edge device it will cost a few bucks. The prices will come down (they already have!). But think what you are getting here. Click and there is your book. Start reading.

    The only problem I have is not with the Kindle but with the idiot authors who won't let their books be published on the Kindle. Sorry but they are idiots, including two of my favorite authors Connie Willis and J K Rowling...get with it!!! This is like saying no I won't have a paperback edition of my book. What is the big deal, you want people to read the stuff you wrote, no?

    Some books you just want to own the physical book, the books you love and want on your bookshelf. But even there, it is nice to have it on your Kindle to take on trips etc...I hope all authors just break down and go with progress here...a library in your pocket as it were. It's a beautiful thing.

  • ryan - Great tablet

    I've been following the reviews on this tablet for a long time, even while I own the tablet. I was a little worried when purchasing the tablet but I've come to find out that the best way to figure it out is to buy it yourself. I'm a simple person who uses this for surfing the web, reading, YouTube and some games. For all of these things this tab works great and I have no problems what so ever. My wi-fi works just fine, even after going to the ground level of my apartment, yes the signal drops a bar or two but surfing the web is still fast. The screen on this thing is amazing, I read comics all day at work and the 16:9 ratio really works for me, a lot better than an Ipad which is what the girlfriend has. Having a total of 5 processers really helps this thing blaze thru all the window screens and the flash content for the websites I go on which is great. I've only had one crash and I've had the prime for about three weeks. ICS is great and ASUS seems to be pushing firmware almost every other week. I guess my only problem with this thing is that ASUS calls purple tint gray...It's really no big deal because I have a case for it but I really wish it was a gray not a purplish gray. Also remember to charge the battery a full 8 hours before use, my lord was that a hard thing to do but now I go about two and a half days on the battery and I use this thing all day at work doing some reading, watching videos and surfing the web and then I go home and do the same thing.

    In short I really do think that if your interested in this tablet then go for it. Amazon has a 30 day return policy and the fact that I didn't pay taxes for this made me get 2 day shipping. I paid $511 on Amazon with two day shipping rather than going to a Best Buy and spending $535 after tax. I would've gotten next day for $521 but I wouldn't have been home when the tablet was delivered.

  • Sean Huck - Daughter absolutely loves this game!

    This is probably one of the most fantastic games for a child to play. It's easy to learn and allows children to interact with such adorable cubs. The lack of a remote has made this the easiest learning curve of any game she's tried before. She will play for hours. Her favorite thing to do is hide so that the cub will try and find her.


    My life was a mess. I'd just gotten out of a nasty divorce with my wife/cousin Emma Jean, The cops busted my mehth lab (I blamed it on my cousin/Dad Skeeter) , and my moped was repoed from my trailer. I was just about to give up hope when my buddy GoblinKiller57 from World of Warcraft told me of the mystical "Three Wolf Moon" tunic ( or as you non middle earth goers call them, T-Shirt). Automatically I knew that this was no normal graphic tee, totally different from my usually Wal-mart standards. I instantly called my ma asking for the appropriate sum of cash needed to purchase this. I waited 5-10 buisness days for it to arrive, missing many important duels on WoW. Finally after the long wait, I heard a knock on my door and to my delight I saw the mail man, containing a package. I immediately signed and rushed off to my room to open the greatness. As soon as I opened it, 20 swedish swimsuit babes came out and began grooming my lucious mullet. But once I slipped it on, thats when the greatness happened. I instanly gained 50+ skill points in charisma and dark magic levels, then a crazy dragon named arrogon bursted thtrough my window and asked me to join the smaky tribe. I graciously accepted and am now a dragon in training. All I can say is thank you 3 wold moon t-shirt.