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  • W. Fouse - Literally unbelievable!

    I usually go to the one star reviews first here on amazon and here is a case where I am glad I did! I saw one of the few "people" that had a problem with this amazing product admitted in their review that he/she/it was actually a banana him/her/itself(Artsyfartsygyrl)! That did it for me! I bought one of these and can tell all you skeptics out there, they work great! My wife also suggested it could be used as a gag gift, which confused me at first. Then I filed down the edges so they were razor sharp and asked her to go slice me some bananas! Oh man! Now I know where they came up with the term "gag gift!" I had to gag her with a sock to stop the screaming!

  • consuela banks - I love it!

    I was wanting to buy an Ipad for myself. However, my husband still needed to be dragged into the 21st century, so I bought the Galaxy Tab 2 for him, since it also has a good reputation. Well, I am the one using it, and I really like it!! It's the first tablet for either of us, so I can't compare it with anything else, but it's so versatile. It's a wonderful computer substitute away from home.

  • oz "oz" - Bless the candy

    Normally I would not post a review on something like this however I think the public should be made aware of the effect of these sugar free wonders of colon cleansing. A member of our church decided to buy some of these little gummies with the thought in mind that our pastor who is diabetic could enjoy these after service at fellowship. The member told the pastor about them before service and he said he would love to try one. He consumed one and commented on how delightful it tasted so the member poured out a bunch in a glass bowl and set it on his desk. Our pastor uses a hands free headset microphone during service. He began the service at 9:00am sharp by 9:30 he seemed to be sweating a little more than normal. He made it to the choirs time slot and quickly exited the sancuary. What followed was needless to say interesting to say the least. We started with a loud Oh my lord i dont think I can make it. The rustling sound of his robe being torn off followed by a thud as the headset hit the floor, The pastor must have painted the toilet in his office as the sound of the toilet being hosed sounded like a faucet hitting a stainless steel sink. The man prayed aloud for the all mighty to deliver him from this evil. For a man of the cloth the words from the depths of hell poured out of his mouth like flames from a torch. He moaned for god to take him now! The choir at this point stopped and the memebers all listened and laughed aloud as to know our pastor is to forgive. After what seemed like twenty minutes we heard the flush of the holy throne and the rustle as the pastor put on his robe. He then put the headset back on and said aloud "My god this room is going to need an exorcism. He returned to the sancuary and was taken back by the laughter that followed. I pointed to his head set and the look on his face was priceless. Without missing a beat he finished the service blessed the flock and rushed to his study for round two. He stopped for fellowship and said he wasnt feeling well and promptly left for his house.