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  • Jon Snow - Smooth sailing so far...

    Despite all of the negative reviews, I found the upgrade from Quicken 2012 to Quicken 2013 to be a smooth one. Overall, the application feels cleaner and more polished than previous versions. A few initial thoughts-

    -I like that there is now a "Close Account" option that makes it easier to distinguish between old and current accounts. (This seems clearer than the old method choosing one or both of hiding an account from the account list and excluding an account from reports.)

    -I rely on Quicken for transaction download for over a dozen accounts. I've had problems with past versions but transaction download in Quicken 2013 feels more responsive and so far (2 weeks) has been more reliable.

    -Charts and reports seem to have a nice face lift (Net Worth, Property, and Debt screens).

    -The Loan Details section is greatly improved. It's nice to have that information available on its own tab in the loan account versus drilling down into the old loan details screen.

  • G. Serles "Neza991" - I like it

    Its a great product and I like it! This product was well worth the money and seems to have all of my iPad, Nook tablet and Kindle Fire friends going crazy and I love it!

  • Dawn V "Harbinger of Books" - Oh Winter finally it is your turn

    Winter Makepeace is a hard man, while he loves his sisters and is very happy for them he is also quite isolated. He lives with this idea that he has to hold himself in rigid control because he believes that is how he should be and as his father would want him to be. The other reason is that Winter is living a double life on as the head and manager of a orphans home and the other as the Ghost of St. Giles and Winter is fine with that. Until the one of the ladies of the home stars to believe that Winter may not be the best head for the home and plan to replace him. Lady Isabel is chosen to help tutor Winter in social graces ironically in the same period Lady Isabel also comes face to face with the Ghost. Between Winter and Isabel's battle of the wills they soon see beyond the mask that they each wear, and in the meantime someone is stealing and hurting children.

    After watching Winter in all of the other books I have been looking forward to watching him break his stone cold hold on everything. I was hoping he could have a strong woman who wanted him and this story delivered just that. I also liked Lady Isabel and she is a great heroine, it was interesting to get a sense of how much of herself that she kept suppressed. Especially around Christopher and I just loved how that worked out!The story moves smoothly and really fast. The child labor plot also kept things interesting.

    My only real complaint well there is two and the first is I wish his sisters would have take a more active role in the book. The other is I really did not understand why the ladies of the ..this that or other...orphanage cared about his social skills and furthermore why would a titled man be willing to take the job?? Even though that later did not make sense to me it did not distract me from the story.

  • S. Lonni - Great product for wavy/curly hair

    My stylist uses this on my hair when I visit her. I used to buy it from her, but she recently raised her price to $25 a bottle! I decided to look on Amazon and was pleased to see it for sale for much less money. I bought two bottles and it was shipped quickly (and for free). I use this product because I have naturally wavy, frizzy hair. I use a flat iron usually and this product not only protects from the heat, but smooths and defrizzes at the same time. I even use it on my daughter's VERY curly hair (think tight ringlets). It takes away her frizz and leaves her curls soft and fragrant. I use throughout the styling process: on my wet hair (about quarter sized dallop--I have med. long hair), then during blowdrying and flat ironing (just rub a little through out section being straightened or dryed), and a little afterwards smoothed through my hair to take away the last of the frizzies. If you use too much, your hair gets oily faster.