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  • Kitty Pierce - Really an amzing product.People need to remember nothing in like is free. The free trial is free if you send the rest of the product back before 30 days. Also, if you use a gift card or a debit card the put a hold on that amount for a few days.... four days later I got my money back in my account.

    Now, about the product. I had been looking for something that would replace what I used to use because a company I was using changed formulas and it just no longer worked for me. I went through AuraVie and Hydroxone. Hydroxone was yuck and made me break out. AuraVie is amazing but it is 3 steps and more expensive than LifeCell.

    I trepidatiously tried LifeCell hoping it would not only have a lot of benefits but also feel light on my skin, leave nothing oily, not break me out and show me results.

    Because of the light reflecting properties in LifeCell, you see short term results instantly. I thought, "Yeah right.... this is bull." But it is true. I've been using it for almost 4 weeks now and see a big difference in my skin's evenness, the tone and elasticity and where did my light crow's feet go? Significant improvement on my neck area which is where I am most concern about. The skin is more firm and even. Scars evened out and my skin has a kind of glow to it.

    I still do use a couple other products... a hyaluronic acid serum and retinol gel at night after I apply LifeCell. (I do this because I am still afraid of my skin breaking out no matter what.... and the extra hyaluronic serum is simply added moisture).

    I understand the frustrations of feeling something is free and it not being so but that is no reason to come give the actual product a bad rating when it is a VERY good product.

    Not only does it work, but it takes care of your entire skin routine aside from cleansing. It really has the ability to save money considering the products I was normally using.

    It's a shame seeing so many people here fighting over whether a product is free, or not. One should always fully read any advertisement for any trial offer. NONE of them are free..... but merely free for an "x" period of time and then you must return the product.
  • Tara - Best zit zapper I've foundI've tried the Proactiv products before and have found them to work, but not to be as great as the informacials make it appear. I ordered this product for the first time recently and am amazed at how great it works. The day I received the product, I felt a deep and under the skin zit growing on my cheek. I applied this product three times and the zip rapidly dried up and was almost gone within 24 hours. It dries up acne better than any other product I've tried, even prescription strength. Great for spot treating those deep and troublesome pimples that are hard to get rid of. I will continue to use this product and make sure I always have it on hand.
  • Dark-Knight77 - Do Not Wait BuyI admit I was skeptical at first. Took buddy of mines over a year to get me to try P90X! Glad I finally did. I originally purchased via Apple for IPad/IPhone but liked DVDs much better. So I bought the DVDs. Glad I did! I already had everything I needed. So other than buying DVDs I was set. The DVDs has Tony and others working out. The App only had Tony doing demo of exercises. All a person has to do is follow their lead on the DVDs. They have modifications as well for those new and/or haven't workout in a while. I strongly recommend the DVDs vs App! 90 days..... I can see myself doing this for 180 if not more. Great workouts! Slip in DVD follow Tony you'll be glad you did, as am I.

    Second review..... After trying Les Mills Combat, Rushfit and TapOut XT, hands down P90X is exactly for me. Haven't tried it yet but also own P90X2.
  • Guy Macon "'There's a better way to do it. Fi... - Far better than a HusqvarnaThis product is a considerable improvement over the tool I previously used to slice bananas, the Husqvarna 460 60.3cc X-Torq. It is easier to clean, makes far neater slices, and doesn't seem to waste as much banana as the Husqvarna 460 does, all at a considerably lower price. I would definitely recommend this for all your banana-related needs.
  • teresa allen - A Must read with a call to actionThe PLAN is written so that every one can understand the concept and reason behind eating this way. I loved the recipes and accomplished the first 7 days, and later went back and did more. REally helped me to figure out foods that I am sensitive to and also foods I had a huge reaction too. The PLAN website if fantastic too.