Artane Montessori pre school with ECCE scheme, HSE approved - Artane Montessori is a sessional Montessori and playschool operating with the ECCE scheme and located on the Ardlea road in Artane. We cater for children from 2 years 6 months until they are ready for 'Big School'. We created a homely yet educational environment which nourishes the individuality and talents of each child and helps to develop self esteem and confidence. We have a large garden and this outdoor play area gives hours of fun for the children.

Country: Europe, IE, Ireland

  • Colleen Lawrance - A book worth its weight in goldMy family and I have had our lives changed by this book - I had an "ah ha" moment while reading this book, and although the initial adjustment to the diet lifestyle recommended is not always comfortable (we love our carbs) the benefit has been tremendous. We were not obviously intolerant to the complex carbs and grains but often felt tired, unmotivated, irritable, unfocused, retained lymph etc. My daughter has a genetic syndrome with mild autism and her response has been amazing - she is so much more verbal and alert and now comes seeking hugs! My son and I feel like we belong to the human race again. Our grateful thanks to the author for bringing the specifics of a healthy intestinal diet to our attention.
  • - Happy to be healthy.This book has changed my life. No joke. I am a woman in my 20's and I have had crohn's disease for many years. After being diagnosed 2 years ago I was depressed and felt powerless. No cure is a terrible prognosis to live with. I found this book and figured I had nothing to loose. It's a little dull to read, but the bottom line is that the diet works. My new doctor was shocked to find that I am not on any maintanence drugs and never have been, but I live a basically symptom free life. All thanks to this diet. My recent x-rays are proof that the diet is working. I won't lie to you, the diet involves some sizable sacrafices. Some days it's really hard to not eat whatever you want, but feeling great makes it worth it. A year into the diet I find my tastes have matured and I love many foods that I wouldn't have discovered if not on this diet. Overall, I'm much healthier in every respect. I no longer live in fear of flare ups and the damage they do. Best of all, I can avoid harmful drugs. Try the diet in this book. It could change your life, too.
  • Natasha "book lover" - I love these!I've only been taking these supplements for 2 days now and they definitely suppress my appetite. I have a lot of problems with hunger, so it's nice to get some relief. I've lost 2 pounds in 2 days. I know that's kind of fast, so I don't expect to lose that quickly on a continuous basis.
    I've only taken 1 and 1/2 of the capsules total so far. I'm eating about 1200-1400 calories a day and I need to lose about 30 pounds for those of you who want the stats on me.:0) I open the capsule and pour it in some warm tea and take it that way. I also had some reflux issues before taking these, but these supplements have actually helped me with those issues, because I'm eating less food and my stomach is happy.
    I am having one weird side effect though. They make me clench my jaw. I don't know why that happens, and it's happened in the past with other appetite suppressing herbs like Hoodia. If anyone has any ideas about this, please leave a comment, because I don't like having a sore jaw. Thanks!