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  • Danielle - Couldn't put it down!Really great read! I simply could not put it down (so much so that I brought it to work with me one day and tried to sneak in a few pages in between calls)! The fact that it is written from both Amy and Nick's perspective adds a layer of confusion (which adds to the mystery) and the cliffhangers at the end of every chapter left me wanting more. The ending was definitely satisfying and I can't wait for the movie next year!
  • Pmoney - Must haveFirst Aid should be a required textbook for every medical student to have. It's that important for the first 2 years of med school.
  • Robert BM Apon - Don't Be Put Off By Fears of Shoddy Assembly InstructionsWhen I initially had this stand under consideration it wasn't price, quality, or durability I had in-mind. I read several reviews about the difficulty of putting the darn thing together. I thought "Can it really be that hard?". Well, upon receiving my stand I pulled out the instruction guide with some trepidation. I was pleased to find out that with one thorough review of those instructions, a check of all included items, and digging out a couple of tools to help with the set-up I had no problem assembling the stand in about 45 minutes. No skinned knuckles or overly sore hands either. I don't want to make light of other reviewers and their assembly difficulties. Either I just understand exploded diagrams really well and have that magic mechanical touch or more likely Bowflex revised the assembly guide. So, don't worry about assembly if you're at least a tad mechanically inclined and at least have a few decent tools lying around.

    My only negative comment about the stand was the manner in which it was packed. A little more insulation or styrofoam would have been nice on each component because I noticed some scuffing and scratches (nothing so terrible as to warrant a return) that really shouldn't be there if a little more care was taken when packing the items.

    Other than that I'm really happy I spent the extra dollars to get the dumbbells up off the ground. The stand and weights on it look great, my lower back is happy, and the stand works just as advertised.
  • M. H. "Maria" - Beautiful Book for everyone, especially those with back painThis book has taught me a different way to use my body. I have been using Esther's book since last October and have gained much by way of pain reduction, increase of quality sleep and increase in function. I have had back pain for 14 years. Thanks to the "inner corset", I can operate some of the double hung windows in my house this year without triggering fresh spasm in my back. Her instructions are the simplest way I've ever run across to find the right muscles to stabilize your back for such activities. Other key concepts for me are glide walking, hip hinging and stretch sitting. The gait change has helped me in a major way. Between the gait change and the method of stretching the back muscles, my referred pain at night is reduced enough for me to get a 4 to 6 hour stretch of sleep. For years before, I had been getting a series of naps, maybe a 90 minute one followed by 40 minutes at a time. I was a zombie! I also had knee pain that disappeared when I changed my gait. Thanks so much to Esther Gokhale for her work and getting this book out. My life is dramatically improved. This book is well put together, well thought out and researched, and has great pictures!
  • Alexander Jimenez "AJ" - it was worth the wait!awesome piece of hardware! works great and no issues so far. ive been playing at least 4 hours a day almost every day and works great!
    the new remote is the best remote i have ever try, so comfortable its like it was custom made for my hands! the camera still has a lot of catch up to do! few commands and you have to be very specific going into menus to use specific commands, some games will not respond to the commands when you are playing. like if you want to turn it off you first have to say power and then you can say turn off ps4 or if you are playing battlefield and you say playstation the voice command prompt wont come on (at least on my experience is like that)
    i cant take any starts off since all the media features that are missing were announced prior release and like sony said will be add on future updates.
    I also own a Xbox one and i like the ps4 more but have to admit that the xbox one games right now have some edge on the ps4 ones.