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  • Mike Vaughan - Wow! No more, "What'd they say?"Thank you to all you wonderful Amazon reviewers. I'd never purchased a Bose product before, with the exception of possibly headphones at some point in time. We know the Bose sound is legendary, but I never really needed a Bose radio or CD player. The Solo caught my eye because I love my flat screen TV, but the speakers are only so-so at best. Like many other reviewers, I have trouble understanding some dialogue on TV. It's fine as long as there is someone around to annoy endlessly by asking "what did they say," but watching TV alone, I miss big chunks of the story & plot. The doctor says it's just "one of the vestiges of old age." Oh. Another one of those. Thanks, doc.

    So, I wondered if the Solo speaker might help, and thanks to all my hard-of-hearing contemporaries here (or should I say THANK YOU), I saw all the reviews promising that I wouldn't have to ask "what?" every 2 minutes any more. I could jump for joy after hooking up the speaker and giving it a listen, although my doctor would probably advise against it. On my TV, unlike some others mentioned here, the TV speakers work along with the Solo speaker, so it's easy to mute the Solo and hear the difference between it and the TV speakers. It's amazing. The sound is rich, and big, and crisp in a way that my surround-sound system isn't. Most importantly, in answer to my wildest hopes, I can understand every single word of dialogue, even Christian Bale mumbling behind his Batman mask. No kidding. The Bose speaker took 20 years off my age, and reduced my waist by four inches. Ok, I am kidding about that.

    As if all that isn't reason enough to get one of these gems, it has to be the simplest piece of electronics to hook up, set up & operate. It's simply two cords, one to the power outlet, and the other to the TV. They include all the cables in the box: digital optical, HDMI & RCA. Plug, plug, power. That's all. The remote is four buttons: power, mute, up & down volume. It's hard to believe that such intricate, complex sound can come from such a simple device. Thank you, Mr. Bose, wherever you are. Not only would I highly recommend this to my friends, I think everyone with a flat-screen TV owes it to themselves to get one. Seriously. This is the audio-visual experience I thought I was already having with 5.1 surround system.