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  • Ken in Denver - No more disposable vacuumsUp until I got a Dyson, I was in the pattern of buying a new, but cheap, vacuum every 2 or 3 years. Ultimately I wasn't saving money, so I wised up and bought an expensive vacuum I expect to last longer.

    First, this works *better* than my old full-size uprights with long extension cords. I only need to do a once over on my floors with the main attachment, then use the "animal" attachment for getting dog fur off a microfiber couch. It folds flat for vacuuming under furniture, and is light and nimble enough for cobweb removal and even regular dusting with the brush attachment. The build quality is superb, having survived many drops and bumps and the overall design is pleasantly and innovative.

    The only downside is that as you're cleaning, you really have to just lay the whole vacuum down instead of letting it rest. But that's a reasonable tradeoff. Without a doubt, the DC44 is the best vacuum I've ever owned and one of my favorite purchases overall.
  • Mary "Mary" - This book changed my life!Guided by the book, I started the SCD diet in June 2007 (9 months ago). At the time I was on Remicade and had had a bowel resection for my Crohn's disease. I have suffered for over 20 years with the disease and my doctor said I would be on Remicade for the rest of my life. After being on the diet for only 3 months, my insurance changed so drastically that I could not afford the Remicade. With great trepidation, I took myself off of it. I have now been off of Remicade for 6 months. While I am still healing, my life is so very different than it was a year ago. I never miss work, I have no pain, I no longer need to plan my life around trips to the restroom. I credit the book, God, and the diet for my miraculous healing. The diet is very difficult and I really did not think I had the will power to tackle it. I am so glad that God gave me the strength. Although the SCD diet is quite restrictive, it is not as restrictive as inflammatory bowel disease!
  • E. J. Davis - Changed My LifeAfter about a month of taking Align, there was a drastic change in the behavior of my stomach and bowels. If I ate responsibly for IBS and took Align every day, I had very few episodes of stomach cramps and diarrhea, and the constipation and pain occurs a lot less frequently as well. i highly recommend anyone with IBS or even with a little stomach upset to give Align a chance. But make sure to give it a month to see any results. I promise it's worth it!
  • Mary A. Rose - One of the Best of all Time Wen Scents and Formulas; wish they had all year.This was a summer WEN scent and formula that I found to be not only long lasting, thick and creamy, but one of the best, if not the best, of all WEN formulas I have tried. Ranks up there with SixThirteen. Absolutely love this one. Wish they had it every summer. And I am a long time WEN user.
  • Yvette Metcalf - Another Great Baragin.My anti-virus expired & I know how extremely important to protect one's computer. McAfee notified me to let me know. There was no way I was going to pay what they were offering on the internet. This is just the basic. Of course, right away I checked on & I got a great deal on their Anti-virus plus 2013. Of course, I bought it along with my ink cartridges.

    I was anxious to get both of them. When I receieved them, to make sure that I installed the anti-virus correctly, I asked my cousin if he could help me. He knows more much more about computers. I'm still learning.

    I now know that I have a piece of mind that my computer is protected. It sends me alerts if there is anything suspious.

    Thank you again Amazon.