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  • Carole - The Man Behind the Magic

    Before there was Avenue Q there was Sesame Street and before Sesame Street there were marionettes and puppets, the blending of which became muppets, and before The Muppets there was Jim Henson, creative genius and visionary extraordinaire, a true force of nature.

    I read a lot of biography...a few among this year's subjects: A Russian operatic soprano, a Mid-western tennis pro, a Latino-American Supreme Court Justice, and an African-American civil rights leader who became the first of his race to join that esteemed court. To the roster of wonderful biographies, I'm adding Jim Henson which without a doubt will be on my "Best Reads of '13 list."

    Brian Jay Jones had the authorization of the Henson family, access to Jim's private diaries and voluminous files, and the cooperation of friends and those who worked with him. With their help he has fashioned an in-depth look at an American icon, one who is at the heart of children's...and their parents'...cherished memories. And thanks to the technology of Youtube and the inventory of Netflix and video stores, we're able to revisit these delights.

    Read this book. It's long and greatly detailed, not your average 250-pager of today, but you'll see the hugely appreciative and appreciated man apart from his magic and will learn so much about what went into the creation of his characters, television shows, movies, etc. And btw, have a kleenex handy when you watch the poignant videos below. Big Bird @ Henson's Memorial Terrific Songs Performed by Henson's Cohorts

  • Scott Cook - Prime

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