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  • tomahagne - surprisingly great workoutThe Kinect accessory is sort of gimmicky and has lost some of its novelty, but it's still good for something.

    This "game" is reason enough to own a Kinect. If you're into fitness DVDs, then this genre is a godsend.

    Gets your heart rate up, keeps you motivated, feels much more interactive than an instructor yelling at you through the TV.

    The different routines keep things interesting.

    If cardio and calisthenics are your preferred methods of exercise, this is a no-brainer.

    I'm not sure when 2013 will launch for the Xbox, or if it will continue to be a Nintendo exclusive, but in the meantime, this doesn't get boring.

    -1 star because it isn't truly "fun" like conventional games, but it is very engaging so it gets 5 stars overall.
  • Amanda Efird - Ties up all the loose endsThis series is addictive. Don't read unless you are ready to not get anything else done for some time. Don't let the length distract you. Gabaldon weaves a rich story that keeps the reader engaged the whole time. The story was written as a trilogy and this book ties the loose ends that can be drug out in trilogies. That being said, I am looking forward to reading the next book.