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City: 18501 Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Chad M Hayes - Worked great and quick.The product came in the mall alot quicker than I expected. I got it in like 2 days despite choosing standard shipping.

    I waited a few days and then decided to apply the Dermatend to a nasty mole that I have on the apex of my head.

    I rubbed the mole with the file, applied the cream and waited 24 hours. It sort of scabbed over, but only where the mole was scratched up enough that it bled a little.

    So, I decided to really scratch the mole up the next night and I did. It bled a little, but I could tell that it was definitely raw and red where it wasn't bleeding. This time I applied a thick layer of the dermatend on the mole. I could really feel the whole mole burning or stinging like the instructions say it should for 5-10 minutes. The next day it was scabbed over.

    The mole originally was about as large around as a nickel, and it stuck out a good quarter of an inch. After three days the mole was the width of a dime at best, and barely stuck out. I'm hoping that it will be gone by the time the scab is ready to come off, but I'm positive that if it doesn't go away completely that another round of treatment will get rid of it completely.
  • A - It really works! I am pregnant!!!!It really works! I got pregnant after my first bottle. It is a miracle. At first I was skeptic for any pills and natural supplement, but this one really works. I was concern to try this product, because of the reviews I red - my period is on time and this pills can mess it up. Over all I am very happy and glad I try it. Thank you very much Fertile Aid!!!
  • Myrna C. Howard "Happy Customer" - I Lost 12 lbs in 28 daysI have read many diet books, this one made sense to me and looked doable, so i decided to commit for 28 days. I spent 10 days reading the book and another week preparing the pantry. I took Haylies advice and i cooked phase 1 chili and Phase 2 chicken soup and froze individual portions. That step saved the diet for me.

    The food is great. The recipes easy. I have never been hungry. Week 1 and 3 were the hardest for me. I wanted to quit, but the foods I had prepared were there, so I kept eating.
    I am starting the next 28 day cycle and plan to continue until I reach my goal weight. I finally feel my weight loss goals are achievable.
  • Byrnvif - It is a enjoyable appI was reading other peoples reviews and am not having the same problem gameplay is I like how it goes into first person kn throwing plays if anyone has played the espn football games (I don't think they've made in in a while) it had first person and I loved it over all I thought this app was great, id just be aware of the glitches others are getting but it could just be their device
  • Travis Turner - Great chair!I've only had this for a short time, but so far I love it. It seems very sturdy, and is super easy to transport if you need to. Even if we had the extra space, I would never go back to a regular high chair. I LOVE that we don't have to waste kitchen space, and it's so convenient to have my little one right at the table with us. I would definitely recommend this chair!