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  • Gary L. Moore - Long time suffering has ended

    I have been getting cold sores all my life and there is nothing that is more embarrassing. I can always tell when they are coming. It is normally starts as an itch and the really bad ones will feel like needles poking my lip.

    Over the last 40 years I have tried everything to get rid of them.

    This stuff works. If you can catch it quick it will sometimes prevent the blister all together. If I use the Abreva on the needlee ones it shows up anyway, but the duration is much shorter.

    I like the pump even though it cost more and keep one at home and at work.
    The price is really outrageous. 2 grams for 16 bucks....think what they make on a vat of this stuff.
    But it is the only thing that works in my opinion....

  • Moppy - Pharmaceutical Word Book

    I am a medical transcriptionist and this is an invaluable tool for me. I live in a small rural community and our transcription department was only given access to the internet about a year ago. Even so, I can find medications much quicker with this book than looking for them online, and I use the book more often than not. It is very easy to find what I need with this book. I always order one for myself, but the entire department uses it. It's a GREAT book! Love it.

  • Joel C Tatum - It worked!

    The code worked! Decided to give this product a try and purchased it directly from Amazon. It arrived quickly with the prime shipping and setting it all up was a breeze. Most importantly of all, the code worked. This saved me a good amount of money vice buying it from the actual site or the school bookstore.

  • Princess Julie - QuickBooks for Mac to the Rescue!

    QuickBooks for Mac 2013 [Download]My business was growing and I still wasn't the most organized in the 'paperwork department.' QuickBooks was highly recommended by several entrepreneurial friends.
    I was a little worried about using QB on my Mac because they all have PC's. I found the website 'Intuit Quickbooks for Mac - Little Square' and have NO worries. There are no questions that I've asked that I couldn't find an answer or video for.
    The accounting required for my business; invoices, estimates, and other reports are a breeze. A few minutes every day working with the incredibly user friendly QuickBooks puts everything where it belongs. With it all being in the right place, I no longer dread my bookkeeping.

  • Jeri Zerr "formerly a Road Warrior of the Nth... - Industry standard = highly recommend for small to medium sized businesses

    I have had learning how to use Quickbooks on my to-do list, it's a standard among many small to medium sized businesses across many industries. Personally I found Quickbooks Pro 2013 very easy to install and very intuitive. People upgrading may struggle with it for a bit due to recent changes but this is as much a common aversion to change coupled with some design/ win8 issues that Intuit is obviously on top of considering the manufacturer's timely comments dispersed amongst the other reviews here. The product / software itself gets 4 stars, Inuit's customer service get's 6 stars (hah!) so the product as a whole gets a 5 star rating.