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  • Neville G. Comrie "Foxcomrie" - Quicken Beta Tester

    This product by far and wide a superb product. I literally ran this program into the ground and it bounced back as well it should. The interface is clean and the learning curve is small. As soon as the program begins you will notice how quick it opens and goes to wehere you want it to. An excellent financial program to help you track personal and businees expenses. No comparison to the other programs out there.

  • jennifer berman - I love this way of life

    I have been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 11 years, ever since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. My digestive system has become healthier and healthier ever since. There is so much help now for people on the diet, with great online blogs, support groups, wonderful cookbooks, and more specialty foods available all the time. Read this book thoroughly, apply it with fanatical adherence, and heal your gut. It is definitely work and a big change at first, but the food is healthy. Start slowly as all the guidance recommends, and hopefully you can progress to the wonderful full range of foods allowed on the diet. Some folks have more difficulty, especially at first, and I am one of them. I still don't eat the full range of foods allowed on the diet (beans) and I am still taking Asacol ( the most mild kind of Colitis medication). But I have not had a serious flare up for many years. I am able to live a full unrestricted life, as long as I do the planning necessary to keep myself healthy. If you are not good in the kitchen, get a friend or family member to help you. Brunch today: kale, leek, and havarti frittata with an arugula, roasted red pepper and kalamta olive salad sprinkled with olive oil and fresh herbs, a cranberry-walnut upside down cake made with honey and coconut flour, and a mimosa made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Everyone's gut is different so everyone will have things that agree with them and those that don't. Again, start slowly and enjoy the hills and dales of the incredible adventure of self-healing.

  • DonnaK - I got a promotion!

    Ladies, if you want your male boss to notice your work, I HIGHLY recommend these pens! I am a financial analyst for a large corporation, and report to an arrogant, inappropriate, man with little to zero work ethic. (think Michael Scott from The Office).

    For 8 years, I have delivered all projects on or before deadline, volunteered for new projects, and developed numerous process improvements, only to be passed over time and time again for promotion.

    Then I found the BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen and it has re-booted my career path! Almost immediately, my boss started paying attention to notes I write, and has even paused at my cubicle to watch me write with these new pens.
    Last week, he called me into his office for what I assumed would be yet another "chewing out", but to my surprise, he informed me that I am being promoted to Sr. Financial Analyst!

    I am totally convinced it's the BIC ball pen For Her that made me stand out and prove that I'm worthy of moving up the corporate ladder. No going back to school for an MBA here! Thanks BIC!!

  • Detective B. Ana Nana - I'll Never Have To Dumpster Dive Again

    I found this shirt tagless, torn and dirty at the bottom of a dumpster behind a Quizno's foraging for my daily free lunch. I had to spit out my half eaten chicken cabo to truly appreciate the wonder that was this Tee, staring wide eyed at the three majestic howling wolves, and their mother the midnight moon. As I wiped a tear from my eye and mayo from my lips I I realized the true power that this cotton cloth contained, and I had no choice but to rip my plaid button down off and climb into this new short sleeved armor. Quite immediately I began to howl uncontrollably at the top of my lungs sending vibrations throughout the entirety of my neighborhood, creating widespread panic as the pavement began to crack and women's bra's began to snap off inexplicably. Soon naked women were rushing towards the source of this god like noise, but to no avail as I had began to rise from the dumpster, hovering above the mere mortals flocking towards me. Bras and panties hit my feet, thrown from extremely aroused sex crazed females outside of the Quizno's as I rose higher an higher into the cosmos. Soon I had reached the moon, were I joined my wolf brothers in their night cries, where I have remained ever since.