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  • countrydoc "Will" - Best ECG pocket guide I've usedThis is an excellent quick guide for thorough, systematic interpretations of ECGs. It's set up by the author to be easily used quickly if, say, you can't remember the criteria for one finding such as IVCD, LAHB, LVH. It is also easily used to guide you through a complete interpretation of a 12-lead from Rate/Rhythm onward. Inside both covers are little "quick guides" which lead you to the appropriate page in the booklet. I like the drawings which demonstrate key points.It fits well in my shirt pocket even with my other stuff (about the size of a thin Sanford Guide) and I never go to work without it.
  • Preggo Belly - Was totally accurate for meI know there is a 50-50 chance involved here, but this product told me at 10 weeks that I was having a boy. Later at 20 weeks, I went in for my ultrasound and it was confirmed with the doctor that in fact I was having a little boy. I think as long as you follow the directions to the T, the test will probably be pretty accruate with others as well too. Additionally, it wasn't confusing to decipher the color (aka gender) given. It was pretty cut and dry what my results were. I will for sure use this for my next pregnancy!
  • Meredith L. - It works! It works!I am so grateful for this book and what I have learned from it. For the past two months I have followed the diet about 90 percent of the time, and my psoriasis is almost completely gone!! I'd had it for over five years on my scalp, and most recently it spread to cover my head, back, stomach, ears, underarms and more. My scalp was so bad I went for TWO YEARS without getting a haircut because I was too embarrassed to let my stylist see my scalp. As others have mentioned, it is not easy to stick to the diet, but IT IS SO WORTH IT IN THE END. I also drank the saffron tea and slippery elm bark tea, and took some supplements and probiotics. I did not give up coffee, though! It took about a month before I saw any improvement whatsoever, but once it began, my healing just seemed to snowball and my skin cleared very fast. I was expecting it to take longer. I am over the moon!!! I can't get over how smooth my skin is; it feels so different now! :)

    I am like the many others who had tried multiple dermatologists, scary steroid medications, every over-the-counter medication and medicated shampoo under the sun, spent endless hours on Google reading about and trying various home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, sulfate-free shampoos, all-natural body care products, and who knows what else. Nothing worked, and thanks to this book, I understand why. I truly believe that Dr. Pagano is correct about the root of the problem being internal and in the gut, as he describes.

    I have to say that not only did my psoriasis clear, but I felt great on the diet even though it was tough to stick to only the recommended foods. Now my challenge is to see which foods I can reintroduce back into my diet without breaking out again. Thank you so much, Dr. Pagano. I will tell anybody I meet who is suffering from psoriasis to get this book!
  • Kwana C. Jones-becker - Nearly impossible to put down!I bought and read this series because I'd never seen a book with so many reviews. I thought that whatever this series is about, it must be worth the read...and it was.

    It's a great read. Fast paced and full of interesting detail. Very scary premise that reminds you how things can be when people want/have too much power and control.

    Thanks for adding that extra about Silo 17, Mr. Howey. I was about to be disappointed.
  • Melynda Palmer - This is working!I can't believe it but this thing is actually working for me.
    After only two uses on my legs and underarms I have small patches of hair and it's finer then it was before too.
    I've used it three times on my legs total now and only have to shave once a week, I have very fair skin and very thick black hair and use to have to shave every other night.
    I did have an episode of strange poison ivy like rashes on one of my legs. After sending in pictures to the company I was told that it was not common and I must have had an allergic reaction but I know it was just a specific cartridge causing it because the other two cartridges I've used didn't cause this. Even tho it itched like crazy for about a week I still think it's worth it because my hair is disappearing.
    My husband has been using it on his face too and he says he has to shave less often and the hairs are less course.
    It's not working as well on my bikini area as it is on my legs which is odd because the hair there is just as thick and dark but it is working some there.
    Even with the itchy reaction I had to that one bulb I still give it 5 stars because it's working crazy fast and I really didn't expect it to work this well if at all.