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  • Kayleigh Almaraz - More than just eye-opening.I was a bit skeptical that I'd get much out of this book, but the amount of knowledge and advice that is given is incredible. I now feel empowered to make more educated choices about what my family eats and the items we bring into our house. This was an honest guide that I will refer to for years to come.
  • kimberly piccolo "kimberly piccolo" - Perfect!A woman in Texas can never tell what the day might hold. She may need to run in out of the rain, or jump over a fire ant pile, or stand and explain to a bunch of old white men why they have no business telling women what they need to do with their own bodies. These colorful lightweight shoes are just what the doctor ordered.

    This shoes have an excellent arch support and a well cushioned heel. This will be helpful when we have to dig in our heels to have our voices heard here in Texas.

    They are light weight with a breathable upper which will be helpful when stopping on tea parties.......

    They are now the iconic shoe of the pro choice movement here in Texas. I hope they are paying Wendy a royalty.....
  • Diver Ed - Good AlmanacI purchased this book for my 82 year old Mother. She is not of the computer age and prefers to do her research the old fashion way. She gets a new World Almanac every year and enjoys every one. This is the 12th or 13th copy of The World Almanac and Book of Facts. I expect she will enjoy this one as much as much as the others... I recommend this based on my mothers recommendation.
  • Scott R - Quick and Easy21 minutes! was the total time to: 1) Download software 2) Install product 3) Download and Install updates 4) Delete Microsoft Messenger and clean up desktop. It doesn't get much easier folks. Product does contain Outlook as well. To top it off, I just switched from PC to Mac two weeks ago with no prior Mac experience.