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  • Provanzo - A Old FriendI have been using this Running Diary for years. Yes,it is not high tech.
    But, provides plenty of daily space to write personal notes. The spiral
    binding seperates this running log from the rest. It makes for easy use.
    Get yours before they are no longer available. They sell out every year.
  • ill think - My old tv has nothing to envy a new tv.So i got an old tv, it has a pretty good screen size so i tought maybe i can use this with my tv. I read the reviews and this came by far best. I had a lot of expectations, like "being able to browse the internet", "see netflix movies" "and just plainly putting it, 'do what i do with my tablet (android of course). So far have no regrets. Only one issue, maybe someone can help me. When i get to expand in my browsers the video screen it cuts off, i mean i lose everything and have to go back. Otherwise if its on you tube, you bet im using the full screen option. REALLY HAPPY WITH PRODUCT.
  • M. H. - Good purchase.Love the Kindle Fire. But of course 2 months after I purchased it.... it came down $50 in price and was obsolete. :P Grrrrrrrrrrrr Wish I would have known... I would have waited to buy the new one. Still happy. Wish mine had a camera. Upset you can not buy the charger for the Kindle (original charger). I lost my charger and had to buy a "Off Market" charger... very disappointing!
  • C. Areal "Mompreneur, pug lover, belly dancer... - work flawlesslyThese glasses are great. they are a wonderful quality. they can be a bit tricky sometimes when trying to get them to turn on the right mode, and it may cause you to think they're not working, but once you get the hang of turning them on correctly, you'll be glad you didn't send them back. :)