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  • tomplant - So Far, So GoodI have to admit, I was nervous after reading the reviews - but after a month of riding on the bike, it has performed very well. The iFit interface is very clunky and it connects about 70% of the time. Sometimes you just have to use the on board TDF stages, but the provide a good workout. The bike is pretty great. It is quiet, smooth and not having to reach down and crank a knob to change resistance is just awesome. The shifting is pretty realistic and the manual mode works very well.

    The weakest link is the interface with iFit - Hopefully, they will provide customers with some other options of applications to work with - with such a powerful bike, locking customers into one software provider seems very 90s. It would be great if developers could provide applications that users could choose to subscribe to - maybe Proform will consider this in the future. It seems a shame to demerit a good bike because of a lousy software provider.

    My customer service with iFit has been fine - I usually can't get through on the phone and they call me back within a day. I think their product is just not so great.

    Prospective customers should know that the "stages" they provide are actually 3-15 mile segments. In fact, I think there's a software capacity limit of 25 miles for the google maps interface. I was under the impression I'd be able to go out there and ride a full stage - that's not the case. Not a big deal, but customers considering the bike should know this. Also, as far as I can tell, there is no way other than iFit to load user generated google maps.
  • John D. Gilman Jr. - Best Product EverI had been to doctors for years to try to get on top of severe sweating. After being prescribed many products over years, I decided to try this product based on customer reviews I had read. It worked perfectly and without all the doctor bills! Actually, I have never been so impressed with a product and never bother to right reviews. Tip: you can reuse on pad for a week. I put it on at night after a shower.
  • Audra L. Whitton "audreysmagic" - High society style on a writer's budgetI am not a billionaire career woman, but I write and play one on the Internet. It's been hard to find props that look like they belong to someone with far more money than I could ever make in several lifetimes, with a feminine flair. But, finally! BIC has answered my prayers! I can now look as fashionable as ever as I sign fake contracts!

    Also, they're great for stirring my Ramen noodles at dinner.