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  • Lew L - Excellent Everyday Compact Camera

    As I have reported elsewhere in the Amazon feedback, this is an excellent, everyday, easy to use, very versatile, compact camera. It can be adjusted to about every shooting condition that me wife has encountered and for the price you can't beat it. As a matter of fact, this is the third one I have bought over the last few years. You ask, why three - No, they are very durable and they don't break - my dear wife continually loses them or leaves them someplace. The only real issue I have with the camera is, I wish they would make them in a "Dayglow" Orange, pink or green along with a locking strap I could attach to her wrist. Highly recommended unit and I recommend using the larger 16 GB flash cards in it, which gives you thousands of pictures at excellent resolution. Periodically back up your cards, for when you wife (or you) loses the camera.

  • Pen Name - Amazing!

    I have acne bc of medication I take. In two years I have only been able to maintain partially clear skin. I have had this product 3 days and my problem areas are almost clear. As far as other reviews about the price if you have true acne you've already spent hundreds on products that just don't work. This work's and fast no need to wait weeks for results. If you're like me and can't find anything past maintaining semi clear skin buy this product.

  • MamaKat - The President's Devotional: The Daily Readings that inspired President Obama

    This book is amazing! It not only speaks to a great work by Joshua DuBois, but also to the great faith of President Obama. I am inspired by the daily devotions and will be reading them everyday. I got my book today and just put it down to write this review. It is MUST READ for all people; from all walks of life and faith centers. Thanks Joshua for sharing this collection with us.

    Kathryn Russell