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  • Gregory Bill - Five Star Fleecing by Maura Stone

    I found Maura Stone's "Five Star Fleecing" an excellent read!It is an engrossing,compelling and fast moving adult Comedy themed book with a mismatched collection of characters in the Five Star Hotel business in Manhatten,New York. Maura Stone,the author does a bang-up job of developing the main character."Linda Lane" and her narrative of her sarcastic circumstances as the Resident Manager.Ms. Lane finds herself in halarious situations in not only trying to please the Narcessistic Celebrities and Famous People who are residing there,also a nitwit Boss. Not to mention the Hotel staff,a collection gossipping Baffoons! This book was a laugh every page and I highly recommend it as an EXCELLENT READ!!! I can't wait to read Maura Stone's next novel!!!!

  • LoveMyBaby - Not disappointed :)

    After careful review of this one and the other tablet for kids, we chose this one for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. We are not disappointed and my daughter loves it. The graphics and voices are clear. There are so many things to choose from when considering what to download/purchase for this tablet. There's a variety of games, videos, etc for different ages and levels. The stylus is attached with a strap to the tablet, which is a bonus I didn't realize. She is finding it easy to use, with minimal help. It comes with four apps available for download after purchase and hooking it up to the leapfrog website. The fifth one is the choice of the parents and child, my daughter chose a video that helps teach alphabet letters and sounds. It's sturdy (because unfortunately it's already been dropped) and not completely slippery (but it's large for small hands) so I'm looking into buying a gel cover to help with the grip. The camera is fun, front and back, but she is just starting to get the hang of working the angles to take pictures because of the size and placement of the camera (compared to taking pics on my phone which is easier to manipulate). We were able to choose her age level (early preschool) on the tablet and we can change it as she gets older to help with challenging her more. My almost 2 year old is already interested in it lol. I would recommend this product for sure. It's exactly what we were looking for to help my 3 year old start preparing her skills for school and to challenge her current abilities.

  • BodeMeister - Nice inexpensive urethane cover ball

    These are my favorite practice balls with the great feel of a urethane cover. Not as soft as Pro V's but they fly high and long. I prefer Pro V's but after my last tournament playing so well with these I may just switch completely. These are a bit more clicky on the putter but I can tell they don't spin as much as Pro V's. Try them out you'll be impressed.

  • George Takei - Iran, Iran so far away

    Brad and I figured it would be poetic justice to tuck one of these babies, along with a DVD of hard core gay porn, inside a gift basket sent to our favorite Iranian madman, ex-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during his last rant-filled visit to the UN. Just a small token of our esteem and thanks, you understand, for torturing and hanging those two gay teens.

    When he saw from whom the basket was sent, he eschewed his normal practice of forcing captive American hitchhikers to detonate/taste everything first. We knew, you see, that Ahmandinejoke is a HUGE Trekkie and has a "very serious thing" for Marina Sirtis. (He follows her religiously on Twitter and sent her long couplets in Farsi, which reputedly rivaled the odes to Sly Stallone by the Glorious but at-last-confirmed-as-dead North Korean Leader Kim Jung Il.)

    Ahmadinejihad must not have noticed the ore and the porn among the tins of macadamias and specialty darjeeling teas. It was reportedly more than a bit awkward when his bags went through security at JFK. Owned!

    In fact, my sources tell me the discovery triggered renewed calls for nuclear inspections, a strategic airstrike by the Israelis (which they now deny), and a surprising state visit and sleepover invitation by President Putin of Russia.