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  • Nicole - Loved it!!!I know this book will not be everyone's cup of tea but I loved it. Could not wait till I could read it and couldn't put it down. Found it fascinating the way the main characters mind worked. You never felt sorry for her and she never wanted you too. Loved the authors writing style too. There was not too much sex just for sex sake
    , the story was great. I will read anything by this author.
  • Mike Gardner - This is the most amazing Christmas book in the history of mankindThis book is utterly amazingly fantastic!! Sarah Palin is the most prolific mind to grace the pages of contemporary political discourse since Walt Whitman, nay, Socrates. Dear reader, I cannot even begin to describe what an orgiastic feast of the senses this novel represents. It’s like, each pointed word cascades into the next, and all of a sudden, you’re having one of those deep and profound existential orgasms, but not the crappy, superficial kind…the kind where it’s like…HE KNOWS MY NAME!! He’s willing to kiss me on my face!! It is quite literally that majestic.

    What I don’t understand is how all this stuff ties in with aliens and that business of Jimmy Carter running the Mexican drug cartels. Where’s your proof of that? The thing is, I really want to eviscerate these stupid liberals with that debate point, but I don’t consider ‘whitepowerrevolution’ to be an extremely reputable website. Also, as a devout Christian, I of course 100% agree with you that homosexual atheists will bring about the Second Coming of Christ, but as a political scientist, I fail to see how this correlates to a failure in the central tenants of Marxism.

    Oh, but MAN, everything you wrote about Santa being socialist sex-slaver who cheats on his taxes and works for George Soros?? My gawd. That could never be described as anything less than electric-Shakespeare.

    I love you so much, Sarah Palin. You complete me.
  • B. Wright - What we should be doingAn amazingly hard look at how we live, how we spend our money, what we prioritize in our lives as Christians in America. Everyone needs to think about this - are we putting it all on the line for Christ, to see him glorified to the ends of the earth? Have we critically examined our homes for excesses? Big screen tv or feed the starving? New car or Bibles in a new language? There's a legitimate place for many things we have in America, but there's no need for as much or as big or as nice as we have. I particularly liked the part in this book about how do we listen to the Word proclaimed? Is it attentive because we're trying internalize it so we can share it with those we interact with, to teach others of Christ? That perspective would revolutionize the atmosphere in our churches.
  • James Helton - Excellent product, quick shipping.Great product and was very easy to put together. This product is a must if you have the Bowflex SelectTech 552 or 1090 dumbbells. Contrary to other reviews, the stand was actually easy to put together and took about 45 minutes to assemble. However, you MUST read the instructions FULLY before starting, and do not tighten any of the hardware until told to do so in the instruction manual. Otherwise, excellent product. I love it!
  • Carol King - Another deeply insightful book from Anne LamottThis is a book to be read many times over. I had to check the front page to see if my name was inscribed there - it really hit close to home. Anne Lamott has penned another meaningful, realistic--and hopeful--book about our relationship with God and how we are truly God's beloved children, even when we screw up.