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  • implacable - Nature red in tooth and claw? Think again.Luered by the fascinating account of guinea worms and toxoplasma mentioned in Salon's interview with Mr. Zimmer, I have picked this book - and I was not disappointed. The first half of the book focusses on myriad examples of parasitic lives - which is written so beautifully, it is worth the price of the hardcover by itself. Who would have thought a blood fluke can be such a romantic? The author also introduces the people who studies the undeservingly esoteric subjects, but the main characters in the book remains to be the parasites, which leads very interesting lives. The second half becomes more theoretical, where he discusses the ecological and evolutionary root and consequences of parasitic organisms. Because the book is written for non-biologists, he does go over some facts that are obvious to anyone who has studied biology, and I found that a little tiresome (but I understand that this is necessary for many). However, if you have read Richard Dawkin's famous book "The Selfish Gene", this book brings some fresh insight into the evolution of "replicators" and the development of sex and immune system (if you have not read it, I suggest you read that as well). All in all, it is a concise, engaging book which makes for an excellent weekend read. This book will also cram you with so many interesting stories that by the end of the read you will be dying to share the fascinating stories of parasites with your friends.
  • Just In Thyme "Sarah" - Page-turnerThe Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy is an intriguing story of family and friendships and what happens when touched by power. Shauna woke from being in acoma for 6 months. She doesn't remember her boyfriend or anything that happened the night of the accident. In addition, Shauna is being charged for being durg impaired while driving. Even though Shauna can't remember the past 6 months, she knows the accusations are completely out of character. As she struggles to regain the past, Shauna quickly finds out there are many people who don't want her to figure it out. Shauna learns that no one is to be trusted. Her main way to recover the past is to use other people's memories. It is through this fascinating ability to "see" that she is able to discover the plot to destroy her father, who is running for President.
    The Kiss is a page turner - a fascinating read unlike any other I have read. The book delves into deep issues of medical ethics; both on a corporate level and a personal level. While some of the things that happened in the book probably are science fiction, it does ask the reader to think seriously through his or her own preconceptions. Enjoy reading - you might stay up all night to finish!
  • nr164890 - 100% Insight into the player mindset!Don't let the title put you of. Concise and utterly accurate, Kara King calls it like she sees it.

    Every woman who is dating, from teenager upwards, deserves to know about the 'player' men she writes about. Some players are harmless & easy to pick out that they are just after sex. Others are more insidious & predatory - they seduce, mislead by suggestion, lie outright, deceive, manipulate and use women. Learn the difference between PERSONALITY & CHARACTER. Pay attention to any feeling that things do not add up. Beware the 'perfect' guy and the 'perfect' relationship that unfolds too easily. Beware the guy who plies you with alcohol. Although there is no guarantee you will be told the truth, establish the rules upfront; ask what you are; what this is. Then see if ACTION matches his WORDS. A guy who is genuinely interested in a relationship willing puts in effort to build something healthy eg will listen & try to solve problems, respects you/proud to be with you, your opinion and is open and transparent. A player is unlikely to invest effort in a woman, to him she is just a docking station and if he is seeing other women then a schedule (certain days of the week) or secrecy is likely part of the equation. Run if referred to as a 'special friend', haven't been introduced to his circle or if when confronted with professions/promises made he claims he can't recall/didn't say that/you misunderstood.

    Best be prepared... Figure out the game, avoid being used. Read the book and apply the principles; she has nailed down the player mindset 100%! A real gift to women everywhere, if you are single and dating, don't venture out there without reading this book first!!

    As an added extra, men "checkout" (emotionally or physically) when their interest wanes - accept that HE IS NEVER GOING TO TELL YOU!! Be brave, don't settle for excuses - work etc, blah, blah. Just move on, you deserve better.