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  • Angela L. Chirnside - Very informativeAlthough I have yet to hike the AT, this book as given my insight as to what to expect and where to start my journey. I only plan on a 4 day hike, but this allows me to select a starting and ending point and what to expect. As a novice hiker, I will carry this book with me everywhere when I do reach the AT.
  • Steven D. Ahlquist "atomicsteve" - It's the Beginning, not the End, of the DebateSam Harris has written a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful book about the "science of morality" and it is quite a revelation. He cuts through the cloudy thinking of religion and relativism to get at the heart of the problem: How do we as human beings maximize our well being?

    Harris provides no hard and fast answers, he is attempting to lay the foundations here. He is not, like Moses, stumbling off Mt. Sinai with stone tablets emblazoned with the "truth," he is merely sketching out how we might orient ourselves to best tackle the mountain ourselves.

    Refreshing and brilliant.