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  • gymnast101 - all is can say is WOWOK...I never write reviews but i HAD to write for this vacuum to help others when they are shopping. This vacuum is AMAZING. I have bought a dyson of the bigger ones and it was good but this vacuum is AMAZING. I have two children that are very young and make a mess. This vacuum gets messes on the cough under the bed...on the can easily manipulate the vacuum so you can do whatever you want with it...I have hardwood so it is GREAT. It gets in the crevices and cleans up the corners well. I am a neat freak so this vacuum has made me super happy. I really think that if you are looking for a vacuum that works not too big and my husband put it easily on the wall in the closet so it doesn't take up much space...this is your vacuum. I cannot understand why you would want to lug around a bigger vacuum when you could get this one. I know its a big pricey but well worth it. anyway, hope this helps for moms who are looking for a fast solution to clean.
  • Addam W. Campbell - Best tablet on the marketAfter reading all the engadget and CNET reviews, I came to purchase this tablet. I'm super happy that I did. It's fast, well made and the screen is awesome. Check the specs compared to a lot of other Android tablets our there; this one pretty much stands alone. I considered the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1" and their successors. They didn't really do it for me and from a technology standpoint, they're behind the curve.

    One downside is that, not being an iPad, the market for accessories is pretty slim. You could get a case made for it on Etsy or, what I did, buy an Incase 10.2" Netbook neoprene case. If fits just fine and I'm pretty sure I can get the keyboard dock in there, too (that's an assumption, I don't have that dock yet).

    I bought my tablet straight from Amazon. Even though it says that it'll take up to 5 weeks, I got mine in 2.
  • Parasprite - Love the calendar!About what you would expect from a calendar. I am not used to 16 month calendars (in fact this is the first calendar I ever bought!) but the first four months are kinda useless. It displays well starting in January but I can't wait that long. The pictures are colored well and I would certainly buy a 2013 calendar if they make it. Made my desk about 20% cooler.