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  • Rosalind - Perfect for babies

    I bought this for my grand baby. I really like that this product is very modern and it fits with my décor. My son that it was futuristic. I get a lot of compliments about it because it's very different. It was very easy to assemble and I like that it's adjustable and the shape makes it more comfortable for the baby. My grand baby really enjoy sitting in her swing, playing with the mobil and swaying side to side on the car ride setting. It's more than I expected. I will keep this for ever and pass it down to my next grand child. I would recommend this product. Also, it's very sturdy.

  • Sharron Hoilman "swtp15" - Surprised by taste!!!

    After reading all the reviews here on Amazon, frankly was very concerned about being able to tolerate the taste of Raw Meal...but i went on and ordered it anyway because my daughter in law had highly recommended it! I opened it immediately upon receiving it and decided to try it out right away. The powder had no offensive odor--which was a relief! I added only one scoop of powder to two cups of almond milk along with a dash of cinnamon and a half of banana. I was really surprised that the taste was actually quite pleasant and enjoyable!! The next morning I added two scoops of powder to two cups of almond milk with the half of banana and it was very good. I am hooked!!! The taste is not at all overpowering at all. I am even adding my wheat grass tablets to the mix!!! I love the product and have it every morning for breakfast-- and lunch-- then eat a small meal for dinner. I highly recommend Raw Meal....i haven't tried it in water--and probably wont as i really like the almond milk mix-- daughter in law also uses the almond milk with the vanilla Raw Meal...give it a try..I don't think you will be disappointed!