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  • Craigarious - Great Stuff! Half Cup, Many Possibilities!

    We've been using this for years. Yes, it tasts great, but I'll share some of our family secrets with you. 4 ounces in the washer added to your laundry and you're clothes will look brighter and smell fresher. We also mix it with vinegar and use it to clean the kitchen. It's great for windows too. My wife says it also removes carpet stains if you work some in before the stain dries.

  • sem8 - Clear information

    Newly pregnant and unimpressed by the initial diet information I got from my doctor, I was starting to feel like I would have to go and read all the medical studies myself. Knowing that I would be too lazy to do that, I was starting to make my own rules that worked for me. Thankfully, I heard Emily Oster's interview on the radio last week and learned that she has basically done all the heavy lifting for me and packaged it in this nice, easy to read, and entertaining book.

    I wasn't really excited about the prospect of reading pregnancy books in general, but made an exception for this one and am so glad I did. I will be buying this book for every friend who becomes pregnant.

    Thank you, Emily Oster!

  • Jillian Sprenger "Jillybeans08" - Amazing product for seltzer lovers.

    This is such a great buy. I drink a lot of seltzer and my roommate drinks a lot of soda. I recommend buying an extra bottle set to keep different flavors in your fridge at all times. It is amazing how quickly water can be turned into seltzer. I am keeping a tally to see how many bottles we can make with the large co2 cartridge. We have had the machine for less than a week and have already made about six bottles. We are obsessed, as well as our friends. It is great to know that we can make as much soda we want without paying for cans and bottles. It feels good to reduce the amount of waste associated with cans and bottles as well. This thing will pay for itself very quickly. No need to pay more for something "fancier". This is quite easy to use. Sometimes simplicity is all you need. I will advise you that the fizz does go out fairly quickly in the bottle and should not be opened more than two-three times per use. Drink up!

  • Joan Sutton "juna" - no colds since Juice Plus

    I've only been using Juice Plus for about 6 weeks. Usually, I come down with a lot of colds quite often. Since taking Juice Plus, I've had no colds, and I believe I've fought off several by increasing the dosage.

    Update: it's been over a year now, and I think Juice Plus is great - I've had no colds this whole time.

  • lapidus - Excellent product

    I''m 36 year old and I had several back problem restraining me to do many physical activites. So the flexbelt seemed to be a great compromise to at least tone my abs. When I stated using the flexbelt, I followed the intensity recommendation from the guideline booklet. I have to admit I first had some doubt about the effeciency of the produc because I didn't feel much contractions from my abs. However, the machine automatically and progressively increased the intensity of the stimulation according to the number of times you've used the belt, so my first doubt quickly disapeared. I have now been using the flexbelt over a month and it definitely did its job. OK, I don't look like one of those super sportsmen with killer abs... YET...but I hope to get there at some time. I feel really great and I'm really happy about the product. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to tone their abs. Cheers!