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  • Page Hudson - First Rate Service and Product SupportI have been a Quickbooks Pro and Quicken user for 2 decades. Right before my corporate taxes were due, my Quickbooks 2006 took a dive, and I couldn't get it to work even after a re-install. The folks at Quickbooks told me they no longer support Quickbooks 2006 and I would need to upgrade to a more recent version in order for them to give me any help. I found the best prices on Amazon, but read some really unflattering reviews about Quickbooks software and support. Skeptical, I took a leap of faith and ordered Quickbooks 2012. It arrived within a few days,I installed it, but my company files would still not open.

    I contacted Intuit support and their very friendly, English (with no accent) speaking technicians uploaded my data files, converted them into functioning files, and downloaded them back onto my computer. One of the files was on my local machine and had somehow corrupted, and I was unable to produce a working backup. The support team took the corrupted file, sent it up to their higher level support team, and the next day they sent me back a working file for that company.

    Don't believe some of the poor reviews that you read about this product. I run three companies on this very robust accounting software, and have never had any glitches until this recent problem. We dealt with several techs who answered my call within minutes, were able to fix the problems I had, and took a genuine interest in getting my accounts back to working again. My taxes were filed on time thanks to some caring people at Quickbooks support. Props to Intuit for giving small business owners good software and A+++ support.
  • Cmoney - Great productIt's a good case I like it and great tablet u purchased I'd recommend to friends and family I enjoy my samsung galaxy 2 tablet
  • Jive Turkey "Jive Turkey" - Udder ecstasy!!!!Even though I prefer getting my milk by sucking directly on the teet of a dairy cow, this is truly the next best thing! And anyway, dairy cows can take up a bit too much space in my studio apartment, not to mention the cost of hay, the constant mooing, and the manure piled all over the apartment.

    But let's get back to this succulent white creamy wave of liquid bovine heaven which mere mortals have named "Tuscan's Milk" ... Nothing, but nothing, can prepare you for your first taste of this "udder ecstasy" ... from the moment it touches your lips, and passes down into your grateful stomach, to the time it gives you lactose-intolerant induced diahrrea, you'll be thanking those Tuscan cows for all their hard work and dedication. And just think - with all those added hormones and other pharamaceuticals, you'll never need to take anitbotics again! (just hope you never run into any of those pesky antibiotic-resistant flesh eating bacterias, but if you do, rest assured that soaking in a bath of Tuscan's milk will be a quick and effective cure).

    One added benefit that I have observed while drinking this "milk of the Gods" is that I seem to have gotten incredibly strong. So strong in fact, that I no longer have to drive my car to work, but can simply poke my feet through the floor and run it "Flinstone's style" for my entire 45 mile commute! Sure, I might get some weird looks from my fellow commuters, but it saves on gas and is a great form of exercise too! And that's not all! Since drinking Tuscan's milk, my feet seem to be hardening and taking on the shape of hooves, which means I will no longer be a slave to fashionable yet expensive and uncomfortable shoes. Thanks, Tuscan's!

    To those of you thinking about buying regular milk in your local grocery to bypass the $30 expedited delivery fee, think about this: each gallon of milk bought from another brand means one more Tuscan's cow sent off to the unemployment line, forced to live on welfare and food stamps, which guarantees the rapid and spiralling decent into drug use and domestic violence for the cows and their families. JUST BUY TUSCAN'S!!!!!
  • John Koeller "John K" - Helps me get things right...I've been using QuickBooks Pro for my small business for a few years and frankly I don't know how I ever lived without it. It reduces the amount of time I spend on accounting to a minimum, helps me pay my employees on time and does a most of the things I used to pay my accountant thousands a year to do.

    Quickbooks gives me piece of mind by letting me see my business from every point of view, from the big picture to the finest details. And it's easy.
  • vishal - Nice features and not so expensiveIt was delivered on time as promised. I have been using this tv for a month now and I really like it.
    Initially I thought there was an issue with the sound system but after some settings it worked out well. The app collection is not that great but it has all what i use ie netflix, hulu and crackle. Quality is great! Yes you may find it difficult to handle smart features with the default remote but if you have a smart phone then just download the tv app and it becomes very much convenient.