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  • Matthew R. Burns "Avid reader and film buff" - What's not to like? (If it works with your computer)I really have no complaints about the drive itself. It's everything it claims to be. It stores large amounts of data, it can retrieve that data very quickly (espectially if your computer has a USB 3.0 port), and doesn't get so hot that you wonder if it's going to melt.

    So why a four-star rating? *(See edit below)

    Because, for whatever reason, it may not actually work with your computer. I used this to backup my media collection on my Linux desktop, then carried it to a friend's house to watch some movies. Their TV wouldn't recognize it as a USB device. Their Macbook wouldn't detect it, either. We did get it to work under Linux on a different laptop that was set up to dual book Linux and Windows. (It would presumably have worked on that laptop under Windows, but we didn't try it.)

    On the other hand, my $35 Raspberry Pi had no problem with it. Go figure.

    I don't know if the problem is with using USB 3.0 on devices with only USB 2.0 ports (although USB 3.0 is supposed to be backwards-compatible, and the RPi's USB port is 2.0) or if those devices had a problem with the size of the drive. Either way, you should be aware that this drive might not work with you computer, even if it's not a problem with the drive itself.

    *** EDIT: I've changed my testing to five stars. After a bit of poking around, I discovered the file system identifier was set incorrectly. I don't know if the drove shipped like that or whether it was something I did inadvertently. However, after fixing this (using either fdisk or ntfsfix -- I don't remember which -- on my Linux laptop) the drive works fine on every computer I've plugged it into. I would recommend Windows users format the drive before you start using it just in case. Other than this easily remedied (if not entirely obvious) issue which may very well have been my own fault, this has so far been a great drive.
  • jjiggs65 - What a relief!I had borrowed this set of cds from a friend and I was able to put some of the ideas into practice immediately. Great results. What an incredible relief. I have a degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development, as well as 15 years of working with children in several different settings. Having my own children has been a totally different experience, just like people said it would be. Although my son (10 yrs. old) is typically known to be a wonderful kid with others, with me he had become more and more disrespectful and abnoxious. I had started to wonder if there was a medical or psychological issue that I was missing. With the help of this program, I have already started to turn things around. Amen!
  • Stella Carrier "luckywoman2078" - Cheery And FunAs noted in a previous review, I found out about Armin Van Buuren's music at a public library in 2009, when I was still living in Orlando, Florida. This initial discovery of Armin Van Buuren's music happened around autumn 2009 (approximately September 2009). I have also previously enjoyed his collections of Universal Religion 5 (reviewed it online back in November 15, 2011), State Of Trance 2011 (reviewed it back in August 19, 2012), and his Universal Religion Chapter 6 compilation (reviewed it on September 23, 2012). He also gives a great live performance. I was fortunate to get a chance to see him in concert back in November 2011. I was so eager to get "A State of Trance 2013" by Armin Van Buuren that I purchased it from Amazon UK on February 2, 2013 thinking that I was going to receive it around February 18th to the 19th. The release date was then pushed up to March 4th and I admit that I felt tempted to cancel my order and purchase from another vender. However, I decided to let it be and just wait. In my humble opinion, the wait was worth it because this cd shows the growth of his creative musical progression. This compilation comes in a two cd set of 16 songs on the first cd and 17 songs on the next. "Waiting For The Night" by Armin Van Buuren feat. Fiora(Beat Service Mix) and "The Expedition" by Armin Van Buuren & Markus Schulz are some of the multiple and catchy tracks from both cds. "A State of Trance 2013" by Armin Van Buuren is an excellent choice for those who like trance music with playful and amusing elements.