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  • Robert Anderson - Sade- Bring me home- BlurayI have a large collection of concert dvds and blu-ray discs, Most of which I treasure. This concert ( which I saw in Adelaide South AustraliaSade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011 (Blu-ray) is a stand out in my collection. Sade's songs together with her outstanding musicians, innovative arrangements, stunning stage presentation and lighting are simply superb. Put it all on Bluray, watch and listen and just salivate over the whole show. This is my first Amazon review after some years of purchasing music. So do yourself a favor and get it. cheers Robert Anderspon.
  • Dancing in Midwest - Works GreatHad someone with the courage to tell me about my breath. I began using Dr. Katz products and use this rinse with the toothpaste and wetting lozenges. Immediate results 3 or so years ago and still using to this day. Spendy, but worth it and cheaper to buy on Amazon than in any drug store even with the coupons you will find inside the packaging.
  • Cookiefactory1 "cookiefactory1" - Are you on the Energy Bus! GET ON IT!!This book has changed my life, and is a quick read, but so powerful that when you read it, you will have to stop because you will be remembering things in your life that all of a sudden make perfect sense, then you will go on with tears in your eyes because it's like everything powerful is being revealed to you in ways you never thought possible.

    You can read this book in one night, simply because you can't put it down, and definitely read it with a highlighter pen because you will want to refer back to the points in it. In fact, you will need to write down the points and maybe even make a poster for your wall so you can see them at a glance every chance you get!

    You will love this book, I sure do, and I have read it many times already.
  • David J. - Good product; water tank a little small.I purchased this item after my older model Water Pik finally quit working. I liked that brand but did not care for their new line of products. I purchased this irrigator based on the positive reviews that I read here. This unit definitely takes up less space on the bathroom counter, and feels just as powerful. It has multiple settings for the pulse rate, which is nice, but I generally just leave it on the highest level. It might just be me, but I think I could handle more water pressure, but that goes for all of the oral irrigators that I have used and not just this product. You can add mouthwash to the water as well, which definitely adds to the clean feeling afterwards. I can't say that I notice that my mouth is any cleaner due to the magnetic action of this device, but I like the idea that it is killing more germs than a standard irrigator. Like other reviewers I think that the mechanism for attaching the tip to the handle could be improved, as it can be difficult to remove them sometimes. Also, the capacity of the water basin is rather small, it actually says in the instructions that you should fill the tank twice for one session of cleaning. I have been using this item daily for over six months and it seems to be holding up well. Overall, I like this machine and am pleased with my purchase.
  • A. Polito - The best of the series yet!I must sound like a broken record when it comes to reviewing Karina Halle's books. But really, every book she puts out just gets better and better. And this one is by far the best one yet. It has surpassed Lying Season as my favorite of the EIT series and is probably going to be my favorite book by Halle ever (depending on what she comes out with yet) This book is going to be tough to beat.

    As the second to last novel in the EIT series, this book is bitter sweet because while so so impossibly good, I know everything is coming to an end and that makes me sad. But for now, I'm not focusing on the fact that there is only more EIT book to go, but rather howamazing it is to be back with Dex and Perry and, most importantly, back in Perry's head again. As much as I loved being in Dex's head for Come Alive, Perry's voice is home to me with these charcaters and the book just felt more right with her back in the narration seat. Every neurotic thought of hers was welcome and relished and seeing how much she has grown throughout the series to get to the point she is now (an independent woman, living with the man she loves and not taking crap of anyone) is fun to see. There are a lot of references to time in this book and how long things have been going on and I believe it doesn't matter how long two people are together, it's what they do with that time that counts. And Dex and Perry have made that time count in spades.

    The relationship side takes a very sexy, very serious turn in this book and I couldn't be happier. Perry and Dex are hitting their stride and despite things that occurred in the last book, I am rooting for my happy ending. With these two I know that may be wishful thinking, but a girl can dream! The sexiness is still there, hotter than ever and Dex is still my number one book boyfriend, doing and saying all the right things (most of the time...I mean, he is still Dex.) Perry seems to finally realize how good she has it and believes in herself more which only strengthens their relationship. It's wonderful to see these two finally together as they should be. I only hope it can stay that way. Add in Rebecca, one of my favorite chracters, as the so-called straight (figuratively speaking) girl to the wild and crazy or Perry and Dex, and this book has it all. Humor, sex, mystery and even a couple curves that I never saw coming and should make for an explosive finale in the last book!

    I thought Dark Sky Morning was going to stay cemented in the creep factor as the scariest book in the EIT series, but I was mistaken. Ashes to Ashes takes the creep factor to a whole new level. Halle has managed to scare me in ways I didn't think possible, making this probably one of the scariest books I have EVER read, ranking right up there with my love of King for creeping me out. Dead children are obviously my weakness and being trapped in a sanatorium with a lot of them would have me running for the hills. There were times I was glad I read most of this book while it was daylight and still I had nightmares of creepy kids coming for me. Be prepared to have the horror quotient racked up to 11 and strap yourself down for one hell of a ride.