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  • fusebox - Saved my life..This did not come with blue tooth or wifi which was kind of disappointing. It did help me stop the zombie apocalypse from happening though. Cuts through zombie necks just like butter. I just happened to be slicing a banana with it, when all of the sudden a zombie came through my basement door. Instinctively, because I watch a lot of the Walking Dead, I used it to cut through the zombies neck, decapitating him. I recommend this to everyone!
  • Rhea - Love my RadSaw this product on the Doctors show..Dr. Travis' exclaimed it's benefits..well packaged..arrived timely..very easy to assemble..mounting bike a breeze..Ride on !!!!
    And if you have one of those virtual riding DVDs , it just adds to your experience..For me a little more pleasant than the tiny smelly room at my gym we are provided for spinning..Enjoy😃🚲
  • Julia - Worth every penny, and then some.My mother bought a small store but didn't bother with bookkeeping for nine months. When I got drafted to sort out her accounting nightmare, I shopped around for a suitable accounting package for Mac. I'd used QuickBooks years ago, and I thought its advanced features exceeded my current needs and I knew the price exceeded my comfort zone, so I chose a different program. About two weeks into using the alternate software, I admitted that I'd wasted my money and a lot of my time. I honestly preferred to start over than continue throwing good effort at a bad cause. I reconsidered QuickBooks because the 30-day trial meant that I wouldn't waste money on a program ill-suited to my needs. I'm so glad I switched to QuickBooks for Mac, that I barely balked at re-entering the transactions the other program was incapable of exporting (or or even printing) in any useful fashion. The QuickBooks for Mac interface is well organized and easy to navigate (plus, it's pretty). Data entry is fast, and the things it does automatically (like sales tax and warning about duplicates) really save time. Oh, the reporting is incomparable. With just a couple of clicks, I can have just about any report you can name, and the one-click snapshot is absolutely perfect - it shows everything I need to know at a glance. I also like that I have the option of multi-user functionality. I'm not willing to let anyone else touch it, yet, but I like knowing that I could have someone entering AR invoices while I'm working with the sales receipts. QuickBooks truly lives up to its name; it lets me get more done in less time.