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  • M. Hale - Works very well for my purposes of check writing

    For many years I have used Quicken for check writing and not much else. The last purchase was the 2010 program. Some of the recent reviews of this program are dispiriting. This may be because of the enormous allure of many of the bells and whistles, though why one would want to use the cloud rather than ones own flash drive escapes me, and similarly I don't want access to a bank account or cc accounts on an I Pad. But for the basics, it's superb and sleeker than the older version. I quickly downloaded the program, to my older Dell with Windows XP, after backing up my files. It went through the usual updating gymnastics and quickly converting a very long data set going back into the early '90s. No problems here and when I opened Quicken everything looked and acted the same except, again, the menu and appearance is a bit slicked. In printing checks, the familiar sub menu now asks how many checks one is going to print, an oddity, since checks come in sheets of three and my laser printer, at least, won't accept a singleton, though two checks still attached always work.
    So my purposes, I am very pleased. Note, I have not tried some of the exotica and I can understand how reviewers with IT expertise may have different expectations and hence a different take, and my be right. But for those who want to print checks, save the names of payees and run yearly reviews, the program works very well. Also, I was able to download recent transactions from Bank America, something I do myself to forgo BAs interesting charges for a non-cost item.

  • Knightsbridgelvr - Great information without having to do the dirty work

    For me, this was a helpful book to learn about living naturally without having to read some boring book filled with just facts and research and scary information with no helpful tips on how to actually implement changes into your lifestyle.

    Jessica is honest in saying that she isn't some expert scientist or doctor that knows everything about living naturally. She is forthcoming about this book being a sort of journal of her own experiences. She learned a lot of information from other experts along the way and started a company ... and wrote this book to share the knowledge she gained.

    The facts are stated simply and she provides actual solutions and alternatives. The pictures are beautiful and will be a nice added bonus for her fans. I love the recipe suggestions as well as actual cosmetics brands to try that are more natural.

  • DaemonPlayer - Worth the 60 dollars

    Some people complain about the chat and skill functions of this game resembling World of Warcraft too much, but I don't think that detracts from the overall experience. This game is original and well worth the money spent on it. Besides the initial 12-24 hours required to actually beat the basic normal difficulty, Diablo III also offers rewards for dedicating more time into the game. There is so much replay value and potential with this game that for me to rate less than a 5 in this review would be sacrilege. This game is sure to top even Diablo II in the months and years to come. That same item hoarding and hack and slash that we're all familiar with from Diablo II is back- with a vengeance.